Greetings Senior Center Members,

Most of the time we have very different opinions about different topics but, I think we can all agree now that we are ready for our lives to go back to normal. Of course, the term 'a new normal' is inferring that our lives have, in fact, changed.

Who would have thought that with no warning our constant thoughts would be our mortality and that of the people we love? I don't know about you, but I have to constantly reframe how I think. It's really easy, as I mentioned in a previous note, to ruminate on the 'what if's. This only increased anxiety and stress. Planning for some semblance of the unknown is smart -- but balance is key.

It's been three months and it's waring. I am writing to you, and thinking about you; statistically -- a group that is our most vulnerable cohort of people. And individually, people that I care about tremendously.

Counting our blessings and appreciating the small things that life has to offer, helps during these times. Being mindful of passing a fragrant lilac bush, hearing the sounds of children's voices or seeing them playing on their driveways helps bring us to the present instead of thinking about what's going to be.

If you've tried the above approaches and you are having a hard time with depression, loneliness, anxiety - just not feeling like yourself- please reach out to me or our social worker Dawn. We will put you in touch with the right person
We can also offer emotional support over the phone and/or inclusion in Dawn's groups via conference calling.

With the many restrictions loosening up, I wish all of you safe integration back to a new you, a new normal as we look forward to old times!
My Best,

Caryl Greenberg 732.329.4000 x 7682
Dawn Neglia 732.329.4000 x7212

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