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Welcome to the April edition.

In this edition we play favorites with one of our bent glass commissions. We invite you to see exactly who is doing the glass bending (and other important tasks) at Flickinger Glassworks. We also highlight an inimitable Red Hook music venue — one that you’re unlikely to stumble across as it’s perched only yards from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel entrance.
Is This Our Best Bent Glass Display Case Ever?
In this video, our manager Joe Bailey talks about how the FGW team approached this project. [00:17]

Video Credit: Randy Duchaine
Over the past 36 years, Flickinger Glassworks has restored and built countless bent glass display cases for department stores, specialty food emporiums, museums and other businesses. But we consider this display case at Variety Coffee in Park Slope, Brooklyn one of the most endearing we’ve ever worked on. We love how the four different types of curved glass meet precisely and artfully, fostering an unexpected whimsy and enhancing the visual appeal of the fresh baked pastries on display. 
Joe (left) and Eugene (right) with their work in progress.
Photo Credit: Randy Duchaine
Meet Flickinger Glassworks
The Flickinger Glassworks team sharing a bit about themselves. [02:03]

Video Credit: Randy Duchaine
We are a tight group. In fact, two of our highly skilled technicians are actual brothers who’ve worked here for a combined total of 40 years. Others have dedicated almost as much time to Flickinger Glassworks. Each employee is key to what we do: Noah cuts the glass. Eugene and Chelo bend it. Loretta and Chris polish the edges. Shorty meticulously packs it all up. Meanwhile, Joe runs the day-to-day operation while Yucheng helms the office. Carmen is our resident artist. When hiring, what’s most important to us is whether someone can work well with others. Frankly, we admire our team so unabashedly that we created these thumbnail portraits. And if you stick with this video, you’ll find out what they do after they clock out for the day.
The Flickinger Glassworks crew (above); Each crew member's shop towel (below).

Photo Credit: Randy Duchaine
Jalopy's On the Go
Lynette Wiley touches on the many activities that Jalopy sponsors. [01:41]
Several weeks ago, Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, located at the corner of Columbia Street and Hamilton Avenue, sponsored a fundraiser for Ukraine featuring Ukrainian music. Little did owners Lynette and Geoff Wiley realize: once all the band members of these large ensembles crowded into their intimate Red Hook venue, there would be little room left for an audience. Still, they raised $5,000. That’s the kind of big spirit that drives this lively performance space which showcases “roots” music including folk, bluegrass, country, blues, and traditional world music. Alice Gerrard, Robert Crumb and Spider John Koerner are among its noted performers. Jalopy is also a music school where young and old can take singing lessons or learn to play guitar, fiddle, banjo and other instruments. Charles Flickinger, for instance, who studies mandolin, is currently cranking up his finger action with Jalopy’s musician/composer/teacher Sam Day Harmet.

Upcoming *performances:
April 20: Roots n’ Ruckus: Wyndham Baird, Albanie (free!) 
April 21: Bill and the Belles/Christian & Cole
April 23: Allegra Krieger/Youbet/RBKE

*Next door you’ll find the Jalopy Tavern which offers food, drink and more live music.
A short video about Jalopy Theatre. [01:35]
Photo and Video Credits: jalopytheatre.org
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