June 2020

For State Leaders
Dear State Association Leaders ,

As the country continues to open and we begin to REBUILD, opticians nationwide are working diligently to be the best opticians they can be in the new environment. Masked, experts on sanitizing and disinfecting, navigating new rules and regulations, they are learning to understand the post Covid customer and how to best care for their eyewear needs.

How can our state associations best meet the needs of these opticians?

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Information

Things are changing every day and the opticians in your state rely on you to help them keep up with everything they need to know!

Below are a couple of great resources to share with your members!

As alway, any questions? Just reach out at d.bartlett@oaa.org

Thank you for all you do!

Dibby Bartlett
Opticians Association America
Your Guide to Getting Back to Business, Managing the Tough Times, and Thriving Again


Safety protocol
for optical practices
OAM Zoom Conferencing... How Did It Go??

The Opticians Association of Massachusetts hosted their first Zoom Conference on June 7th, to replace their Spring Educational Conference.

How was it? Reviews say EXCELLENT!

Let's follow up with Vice President, Kevin Silva, to see the results...

(Click video image below)

If this is something your state association is interested in??? please contact kevin at oamvicepres@gmail.com or dibby at d.bartlett@oaa.org for more information.


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