Hello everybody!

As you know, we are slowly opening for celebrations of the Eucharist, including this Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. and then the regular schedule of weekend masses. Also the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be held in the chapel confessional beginning at 3:30 -4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

We have our present policy in place that masks are required this weekend. We are checking around to see what other parishes are doing for the future, and if they are loosening their mask policy, we will consider it as well. Our closing of every-other row and social distancing will still be in effect for the time being. It’s hard to figure out what are the best choices for safety, but also to try to return to some semblance of the Eucharistic celebration. I’m sure I’ll hear from all sides on this! If you feel vulnerable in any fashion, one should remain at home.

Remember we are live-streaming the 10 a.m. mass on Sundays and it will be held on our social platforms and website to be viewed later.

Summer, according to the official calendar, arrived Sunday. That’s great news. The bad news is that it was also the longest day of the year for sunshine. Plus we are speeding toward the 4th of July. I moaned and groaned that time was passing so slowly in March – May, but now it feels very fast. I don’t like either one, so does that mean I was only fully satisfied for 1 minute on June 20? Sounds desperate!

If you are interested in talking about money, we aren’t going bankrupt this week. But you can image that tithing is coming in at a far reduced rate. As I said before, folks need to take care of their financial crisis before you are able to address the church’s. This week we are presenting a draft of the parish budget to the Finance Council and parish leaders. I’m sure you can imaging how hard that is to figure out our financial future. So we shall see. As we get into July, we will be able to see how this fiscal year ended on June 30. When we are able, we will give a report to the parish community.

Stay safe everybody!

Find our Masses online through our Facebook , website , or YouTube Channel .
Fr. Vince and the staff have been working to layout guidance for resuming public Mass.

with information on returning to Mass in the church, 1st Communion and a photo collage of the banners in the church, volunteer opportunities, RE registration for the 20-21 session & lots of other great information!
O God of what is true,
Grant us the joys of the life to come
So that our happiness may be fully
Connected to Your great promises.
In the meantime,
Let our minds dwell on that meaning,
Our tongues speak of it,
Our hearts desire for it,
Our mouths pronounce it,
Our souls hunger for it,
Our body thirst for it,
And our entire being search for it,
Until we enter through death
to Glory of the Risen Lord.