A Note from Fr. Vince
Monday, September 7, 2020

Hello everybody!

The Labor Day weekend is slowly coming to an end. It’s the last official holiday til Christmas. In that same vein, my 6 months here at St. Augustin are coming to an end as well. In a similar vein, the last Wednesday 5:30 pm evening mass is this week. Next week there will be faith formation kids invading the church at that hour. Janis Falk, our Religious Education Director will begin ‘in person’ fall faith formation. Contact her if you would prefer some home-based activities for your children.

Last Wednesday was an opportunity for me to have an extended visit with Fr. Christopher. Tomorrow I’m meeting with parish staff and parish leaders to brief them on the new ministry leadership for our parish. Soon thereafter, I will be sending you more information on this same process. Also this week, Randy Mudge and I will be briefing Fr. Christopher all the details he needs to be aware of. A lot has happened in the intervening 6 months. With all this being completed, I will be celebrating all masses next weekend. I will be able to add some personal comments on this transition. 

My most disappointing item left undone is I won’t be able to give you a decent movie review. As busy as I was at St. Boniface, I saw every movie worth seeing, and often gave the parish a review at no extra charge.  
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