The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro!

I need to order workbooks this weekend in order to get them back in time to bring to Texas School.

PLEASE order your class workbook ASAP. I added 11 pages of posing that you are going to want to study.

I am sure you will find it very helpful in tracking, organizing and utilizing the information that I will present in class. It contains over 120 pages of notes, articles and worksheets.

I have many students tell me that they still have and use their workbook even years after taking my class.
If you would like one, please purchase it online by clicking on the following link:

You are not required to purchase a workbook for this class, however, I will only print what I need to fulfill orders. Please don't be disappointed if you do not order and I don't have extras for class.

Workbooks will be delivered to you on the first day of class.
Here is your first look at what we will be doing in class!
(The final schedule will appear in the class workbooks)

8:00         Welcome/Introductions
8:15         Class Outline/Procedures/Policies/Expectations
8:30         Overview of Week
9:30         Class Ends
8:00-5:00 Trade Show Open, RENAISSANCE Crystal Ballroom 2nd floor
8:30         REVIEW: The Basics of Photography - Exposure
9:00         Metering
9:30         Camera Set Up
10:00       Quality of Light/Color Temperature/White Balance
10:30       Seeing Light
11:00        Natural Light Portraits
Noon        Lunch
1:30         Determining Vision/Backgrounds
2:00         Basic Flash Photography
3:00         Advanced Flash Techniques
4:30         General Posing
5:00         Group Picture - (WEAR YOUR Texas School T-SHIRT)
6:00-11    FREE BBQ Meal, concert and fun at the Cowboy’s Red River Dance Hall.
Dinner served at 6:30. Sponsored by ACI and Background Town
8:00-6:00  Trade Show Open, RENAISSANCE Crystal Ballroom 2nd floor
8:30         The Art of Photography
9:00         Getting to Know Our Studio Equipment
9:30         Lighting Patterns and Theory
10:00       Determining Exposure
10:30       Lighting Set-ups
11:00       Lighting Set-ups
Noon        Lunch
1:30         Studio Lighting Continued
2:00         Studio Portraits
2:30         Composition
5:00         Class Ends 
5:30         FREE MEAL Garden Court RENAISSANCE
7-8:30      Evening class continues
9:00PM     Parade—1st floor of RENAISSANCE
9:30-1am  ”Toga” Costume Party! Come dressed to have fun! Sponsored by, ACI and Background Town. The party will be in the RENAISSANCE Malachite Showroom. You will not want to miss this.
8:00-Noon Trade Show Open, RENAISSANCE Crystal Ballroom 2nd floor
8:30         Studio Workflow/Putting the Workflow Puzzle together
9:30         Intro to Studio Software
10:00       The Road To Success Requires 4-Wheel Drive
11:00       Getting Started - Where Do I Begin?/Defining Professional Image
11:30       Where to Locate/Studio Flow/Management
Noon        Lunch
1:30         Creating Studio Literature
2:00         Marketing the Studio
2:30         Finding Clients
3:00         Class Ends
3:15-4:30 Darren McBurnett, Navy Seal Photographer, Malachite Showroom
4:30-10pm Country Store TRADE SHOW Crystal Ballroom Instructors and suppliers                will have items for sale. Food, beer, wine and soda will be provided.
7:30-8:30  FREE meal Garden Court Sponsored by Arlington Camera and Vendors.
8:00-7:00 Trade Show Open, RENAISSANCE Crystal Ballroom 2nd floor
8:30         Understanding Pricing/Pricing Structures
9:30         Pricing Strategies
11:00       The Art Of Selling
Noon        Lunch - Trade show open
1:30         Creating Product Lines
2:30         Know Your Suppliers
3:00         Discover The Artist Within
5:00         Class Ends 
5:00-&:00 Class Dinner
7:00-9:00 Class Events
9:30-11:30 Unwind @ RENAISSANCE lobby bar Free beer and wine: Sponsored by
                BWC & AC
8:30-10:30  All School Program – Malachite Showroom – Thousands of Dollars in
                  Door Prizes
10:30-Noon Class Meets - Graduation in individual classes

We are going to be BUSY!!!
Don't forget to visit the class hub where you can find links to previous emails, online lessons and a slew of items that we will discuss in class.

I will post images from class, links to resources and much more, so bookmark the link because I know you will want to return to it again and again.

To visit the hub, click the link below:
Also remember to order your meters and your flash if you do not already have one.

Again, you can borrow what you need or look on with someone.

Arlington Camera is the official supplier to Texas School, and you can trust that you are getting a great price.

Please use this link to pre-order any gear you would like to have delivered in time for class.
Download the Texas School App
The Texas School app has everything you need to navigate Texas School. There is a schedule, classroom assignments, maps and a list of vendors at the trade show.

From your phone, go to Once there, click on the little box with the up arrow below the address bar and click, "Add to Home Screen". Create a profile and enjoy.

Our class is at the Renaissance Hotel in the Cosmopolitan room on the third floor.

Here is an updated list of things to bring:

  • Get your two all-time favorite images printed into 8×10.
  • Pack of 3×5 notecards.
  • Bring a sweater or a jacket and know that the room will be cold. When we head outside, it may be 95° and 100% humidity, so be prepared to peel off layers.
  • Camera
  • Lens (28 – 100mm lens is great. Don’t feel like you have to bring every lens you own
  • Flash
  • Meter
  • Note pad and pens – You can bring a laptop, but it is not required and don’t expect to be able to plug it in. We will not be doing any image editing in class. Don’t expect to be able to plug it in.
  • Toga – yup, there is a Toga party on Tuesday, and I am counting on all of you to participate
  • If you want to bring some images for me to critique, please gather them all on one place for me to review. For example, put them all in one folder on your computer or tablet so we do not have to go searching for images.
  • Batteries for your flash, meter and camera – fully charged

That’s it for now!