A Note from Asbury's Leadership
Dear Asbury Friends, 

If you are gathering with family and friends OR traveling to visit family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday, church leadership is requesting that you please refrain from attending in-person worship services for two weeks (14 days). In light of the increased COVID-19 infection rates locally and around the country, the church leadership recently met to consider how to move forward. At this time, we would like to continue to offer in-person worship services, but we are depending on our members to cooperate strictly with instructions and protocols to prevent infection. To that end, in keeping with recent PA state recommendations, we are asking that anyone traveling or visiting with family or friends outside of their immediate household, would refrain from attending in-person worship for two weeks. Also, please listen carefully and comply with the ushers' instructions while at the service. Your safety and well-being is our top priority, and together we hope to be able to continue with our in-person worship experience. If you have any concerns for your health and safety, please consider worshiping with us online from home. Leadership will continue to monitor the risks the in-person gatherings pose in our effort to keep all our members safe and well.

Asbury's Leadership
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