Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Dear Members and Friends of St. Luke’s,
Love calls for candor and transparency. This letter intends just that. Financial disclosure lives at the heart of Big Love.
Our financial leaders currently project that St. Luke’s is likely to experience a shortfall by December 31, 2020. Although the exact extent of the shortfall, of course, cannot be determined until year’s end, our best guess is that, based on the current trajectory, the shortfall is likely to be approximately $160,000.
The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our finances. Non-pledge giving - gifts from non-pledgers and opportunities to receive offerings during services and other gatherings (plate offerings, etc.) - has declined significantly, as have our parking lot revenue and other sources of income (e.g., weddings). Our giving from pledging members is inspiringly healthy and generous. And the St. Luke’s Endowment Fund, Inc., a separate non-profit corporation which includes funds contributed for the long-term sustainable support of the Church, provided its annual distribution which supports almost 20% of the Church’s operating budget. For that healthy, abundant giving and for the Endowment provided by those who have gone before us, we give thanks.
Now, how to deal with this real shortfall, currently projected to be approximately $160,000? The first option that comes to mind is to cut non-essential and no-longer-applicable expenses which we have done. The second option is to cut salaries across the board, which we are prepared to do. The third option is to restructure staff due to changes in our practices. We are prepared to do that as well.
Before we opt for the above, we need to engage you in the decision. So, now we address the beautiful diversity of our Big Tent Church:
  1. If you are among the inspiring number of persons who is already giving at the top of your current capacity, we enthusiastically thank you and ask that you read the rest of this letter as information, not a request.
  2. If you are giving to St. Luke’s apart from a pledge, we are deeply grateful AND we ask you sincerely to make a pledge NOW for the remainder of this fiscal year. Your making a stated pledge now could prevent us from salary cuts and additional cuts to program expenses.
  3. If you have become a new, virtual participant in our worship, education, and social/congregational life, we implore you to express your appreciation for our “virtual church” life by either making a financial pledge or a series of gifts.
  4. The financial diversity of our parish is such that not only do we have members and friends in the above three categories, we also have members and friends who are in a position to increase their giving now by a healthy percentage which, together, could bring us into a financial position in which staff cuts can be minimized.
We lovingly now ask you to reflect prayerfully on which category describes your financial relationship to St. Luke’s and let us know as soon as possible what you can do to help our parish with the projected $160,000 shortfall by contacting Mark Simmons ( or 404-434-0825 (c). We will make our decisions based on your responses by September 1, 2020.
Yours in Transparency and Love,

Melba Hughes
Senior Warden
The Rev. Ed Bacon
Interim Rector
C.J. Cash
Jimmy Cushman Jr.
Amy Doyle
Caroline Fooshee
Bruce Gunter
Livingstone Johnson
Sara Kennedy
Bobby Mays
Neil Schemm, Junior
Carrie Teegardin
Drew Vann 

Richard Lee, Clerk
Pat Brumbaugh, Chancellor
Mignon Crawford, Treasurer
Scott Inman, Finance Chair
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