A Note from Fr. Vince
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hello everybody!

Attached to this email is what Bishop Joensen described in his letter last Friday: the formation of a position named Director of Parish LifeThe attachment describes in detail this position and also the ministry description of your pastor Fr. Christopher Pisut.

Let me describe the reasoning for this enhanced position that will be filled by your Business Manager, Randy Mudge. With Fr. Livingstone’s retirement, Fr. Christopher will be the sole priest here. This is a good time to reconfigure your pastoral leadership. It is important for you to better understand these developing roles. I’ve discussed with parish leaders the need for more pastoral assistance in the administration of your parish. As you can see, Randy maintains a focus on financial management, while expanding his oversight role in other key areas. I encourage you to review the PowerPoint pages so you can better of avail yourself of who is responsible for certain parish ministries.

I know that Fr. Christopher and Randy Mudge will need time to develop how this plan will unfold. I have been tasked by Bishop Joensen to periodically visit with them to help in any way I can to make a smooth transition to this ministry plan. They will surely rely on the assistance of your parish leaders. 

One of the most important parts of this ministry plan is helping to develop the direction you want for the future of St. Augustin Parish. The future cannot be static; it must be vibrant and ever-growing. One of your biggest tasks will be continuing to navigate this health crisis, while finding new and exciting ways to keep parishioners connected. 

I am celebrating all the masses this weekend. It will give me the opportunity to verbally talk about this ministry plan. Also, it’s because Fr. Greg Leach who has been helping us on weekends is having his retirement party at St. Mary of Nazareth Parish. He has agreed to assist with weekend masses for a period of time, as Fr. Christopher and parish leadership can determine the future look of weekend and weekday liturgies.

Stay strong everybody!

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The diocesan-wide Special Collection for Seminarians will be conducted this weekend, September 12 & 13. Registered parishioners will be receiving a brochure and return envelope in the mail from Bishop Joensen. Gifts to this collection are used to cover tuition, room and board, and provide a small monthly stipend for pre-theologians and theologians. This year, more than $250,000 is needed to enable the academic formation of our nineteen seminarians. Heartfelt thanks for your prayers and charitable donation to support the seminarians.

Every gift, regardless of the size, is vital and we thank you for your generosity. Please drop your gift in the collection boxes marked for the seminarian collection either in a separate envelope, or in the check memo. Gifts may also be made online at dmdiocese.org/giving or sent directly to the diocese.