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  • Mass Schedule Changes:
  • Sunday 8:00 am Mass will be an instrumental only, no singing Mass. Masks required.
  • Weekday Masses offered at 8:00 am on Tuesdays & Wednesdays in the church.
  • School student ONLY Mass with Covid-19 protocols is Thursdays at 8:30 am
  • All Souls Day Mass on Monday, November 2nd at 6:00 pm.
A Note from Fr. Pisut

Dear Parishioners,

It is no news that in my absence there have been some changes made in the arrangement of the sanctuary. Indeed, a great many of you have asked me about the changes as well. Considering these changes, and the great importance of the Mass in the life of our Faith, Bishop Joensen has asked me to examine the issue closely. Recognizing, as safeguarded in Canon Law, the “right and even at times the duty” of the faithful “to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church,” I took the opportunity to visit with parish leadership about this issue in order to get their perspective. I appreciate that they have felt comfortable sharing with myself and the bishop their opinions on this important matter. After consultation with the bishop I have accepted his desire that these changes remain largely intact. However, the full complement of six candlesticks will return to the sides of the altar. The bishop feels that these changes will be beneficial to the faith life of the parish. We thank the bishop for his concern for the spiritual well being for the people of St. Augustin, congratulate him on celebrating his first anniversary as the bishop of the Diocese of Des Moines, and look forward to when he will be able to join us again. Ad Multos Annos (To many more years)!

Remember that October is the month of the Rosary. I had the privilege of leading our annual Rosary Rally last Saturday before our graceful statue of Mary that welcomes people to the entrance of St. Augustin. It was a lovely fall day, and I was told that it was the largest attendance yet. Also, remember to stop by the Marian Altar that the Altar and Rosary Society has so generously set up once again in the church in front of our main statue of Mary. Please stop by, say a prayer, place an intention in the basket and pick up a Holy Card. As always, October is a good month to pray the Rosary in a special way and rekindle a devotion which is deeply rooted in the heart and history of our Catholic Faith.

Lastly, November, the month of All Souls will soon be upon us. Please contact the office to have the names of your deceased loved ones included (or fill in the form below and submit with a photo of your loved one) for the Mass of All Souls on Monday November 2. Remember, in accord with Catholic teaching, we believe that after we die most souls likely go to Purgatory where, after having a life sufficiently grace filled to spend eternity with God, we nevertheless go through a period of purification for the sins that we have committed in this life. We are made more worthy, for our eternal bliss with God. Therefore, we don’t merely remember our loved ones, but we also mourn their loss and pray for them. As a result, the Mass of All Souls has a decidedly more somber character even though we have faith that our loved ones are still heirs to the promise of everlasting life.

Fr. Pisut
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