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Seeing green!

Welcome back to Ordinary Time. We are in Ordinary Time until February 17th, Ash Wednesday... so a little bit of green will be the scene. I hope the lawn stays green during this period of Ordinary Time, too. I also hope it stays green during Lent!

In this month of January we have a few more notable events. We have Anointing Masses coming up. The Anointing Masses are Friday, January 22nd at 9am and Saturday, January 23rd at 4:30pm. We will do the Anointing Masses just like we did back in September. If you remain in your car and listen to the Mass, I will come to your vehicle and anoint you after Mass. Like last time, we will have you park in a designated area of the parking lot. If you are in need of being Anointed, I hope to see you there. I will have plenty of cotton swabs. Then the next weekend, January 31st after the 11am Mass, we will have the MegaRaffle Drawing. MegaRaffle is all sold out. Thank you very much! Thank you for supporting this fundraising event. Remember, you do not need to be present for the drawing. Please know in February that we are planning on having the Lourdes Novena. The Novena will be different this year, in compliance with all the restrictions. More details to follow. Also, we are planning on having two carry-out fish frys. The first will on Friday, February 26th and the second will be March 26th. More details to follow. We will have baked and fried fish, but the menu will be a little different. So as we get back to Ordinary Time, I hope it is an extraordinary time for you! God bless and stay safe! 

´╗┐In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene