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The Chair of Saint Peter

Happy Feast Day Everyone! Today we celebrate the Feast of The Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle. We love to celebrate as Catholics, and today we celebrate a very special chair! This celebration dedicated to Saint Peter goes a long way back. This feast has been celebrated since the fourth century in Rome. This special day invites us to recall how Jesus named a fisherman from Galilee to be the shepherd of the flock. You see Saint Peter’s leadership skills shine in today's Gospel from Saint Matthew. Saint Peter, speaking on behalf of all the disciples, states that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God. So on this day, we reflect on Saint Peter’s role among the apostles and in the early Church. Plus, this day invites us to reflect on the role of Saint Peter’s successor, the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. So let’s offer some extra prayers for our Pope Francis, that God bless and strengthen him in his shepherding role. May nothing disturb us this day or any day, for our God has set us fast on the rock of Peter’s confession of faith! God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene