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Heralds of God's Kingdom

Happy Holy Saturday Everyone! Tonight, we celebrate the Mother of all celebrations, The Easter Vigil. Congratulations to Lisa Tripodo! At the Easter Vigil, she will make her Profession of Faith. Then Lisa will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and maker her 1st Holy Communion. Joining Lisa for Confirmation and 1st Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil are Luke Slechta and Zack Metz. Congratulations Luke and Zack! All three did a great job in their discernment and formation. Thank you for your prayers and hospitality. Also, thank you Deacon Carl, the RCIA team, and Mary Lou Beers for helping them in their faith journey.

Before we celebrate the Easter Vigil, we do have the Blessing of Easter Foods. Deacon Carl will be available to bless your baskets. Keep in mind, the Blessing of Easter Foods will be broadcasted on 96.3 on your FM radio dial. Deacon Carl will provide instructions for those who remain the car during the blessing. Please know there are no Confessions today at 2:30PM. Confessions will resume on April 10th at 2:30PM in Stairwell “C.” Also, the Eucharistic Chapel will be closed on Easter Sunday. I hope you can gather with a small group of folks for an Easter Sunday meal. Plus, I hope you have a wonderful Easter Season. May it be a time to contemplate the mystery of Our Lord’s Resurrection so that we can be a better herald of His kingdom. God bless and stay safe! 

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene