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Seeking greatness

I must say that it is now the month of March and I am still amazed that Tom Brady won another Super Bowl. I never thought I would see anything like that! Brady has seven and he is not resting on his laurels. He wants to win another! Hopefully, the Cleveland Browns will get in his way next season and we will finally win one! I know many marvel at Tom Brady’s dominance and feel he is the greatest quarterback of all time. But Tom never went to ten straight championship games. Only our Otto Graham accomplished that feat.

With that, we hear about people seeking greatness all the time in their field, or hear about experts debating about who is the greatest. We may even enjoy watching documentaries about people seeking and achieving greatness. I know I do. Sometimes their success story is very interesting and inspirational. Well, our Gospel today talks about greatness, and offers us a path to greatness. To be great, you must serve. Jesus, our Savior and our King, humbly healed, blessed, and served others his entire life, and ultimately died for us on the Cross. Thus, to be great does not mean we dominate like Tom Brady. Rather we serve, just like Christ our King did. We see in the lives of the saints that they followed the same path. Like Tom Brady, the saints did not rest on their laurels; they always found ways to give of themselves. Maybe we cannot do the things we used to do, but we can find other ways to help others ease their heavy burdens. I know Tom Brady cannot sling the ball like he used to, but he still finds a way to win. May the Lord strengthen us as we humbly follow His path to greatness serving one another. God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene