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A Hodgepodge: Monkeys, Rosary, Browns, and St. Callistus

You may have notice that for Christmas, we are monkeying around!! If you received it (we were limited on how many we could send), I hope you will participate in our online survey through Survey Monkey. Basically, that is the extent of our monkeying around (for now). Be on the lookout for other surveys down the road.

I was very touched by the number of people that came out to pray the Rosary on Sunday at 4pm. I believe we finished at 4:25pm! I believe kick-off for the Browns game was at 4:25pm, so we finished as the game began - and what a game! But back to the rosary, we had a nice crowd gathering around the outdoor shrine and several folks remained in their cars, tuned into 96.3 FM. I am sure we are pleased that our Cleveland Browns are off to a great start; hopefully they can keep playing and playing well. And hold on to your hats, the Browns have another big game this coming Sunday, against the Steelers.

Tomorrow in the Church we lovingly remember Saint Callistus. He was a pope and martyr in the 3rd Century. You may have heard of the Callistan Guild. The Callistan Guild gets its name from Saint Callistus. Pope Zephyrinus appointed Saint Callistus to be in charge of a Christian cemetery on the Appian Way, and to this day it is known as the Catacomb of Saint Callistus. It is one of the largest underground cemeteries in Rome. The Callistan Guild is an organization that provides a Christian burial for those who do not have the resources to give their loved ones a proper and dignified burial. One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is to bury the dead. The Callistan Guild certainly practices this Corporal Work of Mercy, helping families that lack the necessary resources to bury their loved ones. May God bless the Callistan Guild in their ministry to grieving families in need. God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene