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Thinking about our Grandparents

Happy Monday everyone! I am a little sad that yesterday, July 26 th , fell on a Sunday. If it fell on another day, we would have lovingly remembered the Blessed Virgin Mary’s parents, Saint Joachim and Saint Ann. There is nothing in sacred scripture about them, but stories have been handed down to us about them. What has been handed down to us is that they were devout people of good character. Also, Saint Joachim and Saint Ann dedicated their daughter to God, taking her to the Temple in Jerusalem when she was very young. There is a church in Israel named after Saint Ann. It is believed by some to be built over the place where the Blessed Virgin Mary was born. As we lovingly remember the Blessed Virgin Mary’s parents on the 26 th , we also remember that they are Jesus’ grandparents. Saint Joachim and Saint Ann’s feast reminds us that Jesus was like us in all things but sin. Jesus grew up in home with a family and relatives. Also, it reminds us to give thanks to God for our Grandparents. Even though we won’t celebrate the feast of Saint Joachim and Saint Ann until next year, let us take some time in prayerful reflection giving thanks to God for our dear grandparents.

Our Walk-a-Thon is coming soon, on August 9th. Hopefully our Walk-a-Thon is a success so that we can get new awnings for the school building. Keep up the good work wearing your mask at Mass and making sure it does not slide off your nose. It is so important that we keep our mouth and nose covered. Also, remember that we have an orderly dismissal at the end of Mass, to maintain social distance. Our ushers have done a great job helping with this! Thank you for your cooperation. Hopefully we can hook up the FM transmitter so you can have the option to listen to the Mass in your car without a mask and enjoy the AC blowing on you. Lastly, our Sacrament of Reconciliation day and time has been moved this week to Friday, July 31 st from 3pm to 3:45pm. God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene