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It's that time of year...

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. This year we are to scale back due to the spike in cases. My prayer is that everyone can enjoy the day, eat a fine meal, be kept safe and everyone feel the warmth and support of all of God’s holy people in these trying times. After Thanksgiving, we have some unique days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

This Giving Tuesday, December 1st, is our third year of participating in #weGiveCatholic, Northeast Ohio’s Online Day of Catholic Giving. Last year many contributed to the parish through #weGiveCatholic to raise funds to put in a new floor in the parish activity center and have the walls painted. I hope you've had a chance to see it! I think it looks great! With COVID-19, not many have been able to see the floor because not too many parish activities are taking place. But the hallway looks brighter thanks to you! I am sincerely grateful for contributions we received because the old floor was worn down and the walls needed to be painted. This year we hope to get new awnings for the building. With the current awnings, the color has faded, the lettering is coming off, and some are torn. We received a quote from the Awning Company for $5,325. So far we raised $2,350 through our 2nd Walk-A-Thon, and I hope we can raise the rest through #weGiveCatholic. Click here to check out our page. Thanks again for all your support! I am sincerely grateful. God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene