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Welcome, Linda!
...and then some!

Happy Monday everybody! I cannot believe we are in the second half of November. Soon it will be Christmas. Yesterday was a special (and windy) day at Saint Mary Magdalene Parish. Catechumen Linda Quinlivan received the Sacraments of Initiation at the 11am Mass. I am sure you enjoyed Deacon Carl’s homily “and then some” he posted yesterday. He mentioned about Linda. We are so happy for Linda, her husband Joe, and all her family and friends. Thank you to Mike Weikart, RCIA team member, for lending a helping hand at the 11am Mass and to Bob Weikart for videotaping the celebration.

If yesterday, November 15th fell on another day of the week, we would have lovingly remembered Saint Albert the Great. Saint Albert lived in the 13th Century and was Saint Thomas Aquinas's teacher. Saint Albert is the patron of scientists. He studied every field of knowledge that was being taught in the universities at the time. They said he was the first to study the mountain ranges of Europe. Saint Albert, with his deep faith and intellect, shows us that faith and reason do work together. Saint Albert had a reputation as a great teacher at the University of Paris, and he was a prolific writer. He wrote thirty-eight volumes covering a variety of topics ranging from philosophy to geography, astronomy, law, friendship, and love. This is not counting his bible studies and sermons! Saint Albert was also noted for re-introducing the philosophy of the ancient Greek Philosopher, Aristotle. Saint Albert the Great is also the patron of philosophers.

In the spirit of “and then some,” today we remember Saint Margaret of Scotland. She lived in the 11th century and she was a queen, wife, and mother. She and her husband Malcolm had eight children! Saint Margaret was a good influence on her husband. She encouraged him to rebuild any of the ruined churches and monasteries in Scotland. Plus, she encouraged him to attend to the needs of the poor. The poor really loved her. Saint Margaret was really good to them. She would spend time with them. She was known to hear the cases of the poor that were treated unjustly by the courts. Saint Margaret is one of the patron saints of Scotland. Also, today we can lovingly remember Saint Gertrude. You may recall I spoke about her on All Souls Day.  It’s an “and then some” kind of day! 

God bless and stay safe! 

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene