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Discover the Great Riches

Our Gospel this weekend made me think of the reality television show called Storage Wars. I would watch it at my parents' house on my day off. I found it very enjoyable watching these individuals bid on these abandoned storage units. Then they would go through the stuff and see if they bought anything of value. Sometimes, they would accidentally stumble upon an item that is worth a lot of money. Sometimes the whole storage unit was junk. Sometimes, several bidders recognized a great treasure and engaged in a bidding war. I really liked the characters on the show. I do not know how real it was, but I found it to be entertaining.

I was thinking, with our Gospel this weekend, Jesus reminds us about ways we can continue to discover the great riches He has for us through a parable. The first two made me think of the show Storage Wars. We can accidentally stumble upon or find them in our search, or give all we have to attain them. For us, we can stumble upon a new treasure of grace simply by coincidence. That’s what happened to the farmer in the parable. If that farmer hadn't been alert, he could have completely overlooked that buried treasure. To me, that is a little reminder that we need to be alert, too . God could be hard at work, under our noses. So we need to keep our eyes open or we will miss it.

Second, we find the treasures of Christ's grace by looking hard for them. Our merchant may have struggled, and traveled with a lot of hope until he found the pearl. In our spiritual lives, we can spend years working at prayer and trying our best to follow Christ more closely. So Jesus doesn't want us to give up or get discouraged. We need to be like the merchant in the parable and keep at it. In his great love, Jesus has more that He wants to give us, more He wants to show us, more He wants to teach us. We might stumble upon them accidentally, or come to these riches in our diligent search in prayer and reflection. May we always have the eyes of faith to see these great riches Jesus wants to bestow on us! God bless and stay safe.

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene