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Waldameer, BBQ chicken, and faithfulness...

Happy Sunday everybody! We have Waldameer and Water World tickets available for July 19th! Even though we are not having a parish picnic, maybe you or your family would not mind enjoying a day at Waldameer with discounted tickets! Yes, we will have a pavilion. So if you pack a lunch, you have a place to sit and eat in the shade. Tickets are $28.75 and are available in the parish office. Please know the tickets are only good for Sunday, July 19th. Be sure to visit the Waldameer COVID-19 page for visitor guidelines before purchasing tickets or visiting the park. Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions imposed by the state of Pennsylvania and the CDC, Waldameer will not be able to offer free admission into the amusement park for 2020. Waldameer is planning to return to free admission in 2021. Waldameer recommends that if someone is visiting but not riding, they are to purchase a Water World Pass. This will allow you to walk around the amusement park and have full access to Water World at the lowest price. Just to let you know, all guests (except children under 2 or those with a medical condition not allowing them to wear a mask) will be required to wear a mask to enter Waldameer and Water World. It is expected that guests wear their masks throughout their visit, but masks may be removed while using the Water World attractions. Also, Pirates’ Cove, that zany fun house walk-through, will not be opened this season.

Since I am on the subject of tickets, remember that Tuesday, June 30th is the last day to reserve your take-out BBQ chicken dinner. Only $12! I could end today's note here but I would not mind briefly touching upon the Gospel... So, in this weekend’s Gospel, Jesus speaks to us of the demands of discipleship. We need to carry our crosses! We need to remember that, no matter how bad things get, if we stay close to Christ, he stays close to us and gives meaning and fruitfulness to everything we suffer. May we always stay close to him and always remember that faithfulness carrying our crosses leads to great treasure here and forever in heaven . God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene