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Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

This weekend for Christ the King, the theme of shepherd runs through the first reading from Ezekiel, our Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel. Jesus is not just an all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal and generous King, but a King that also is present and gently shepherds His Flock. A little over five years ago, The Telegraph ran an article explaining some of the challenges and the trials of the job by interviewing shepherds from Wales. The article was called “Are You Hard Enough To Survive As A Shepherd?” You've got to be tough. I thought being a shepherd today would be a tranquil life, taking in the beauty of nature in some lush green meadow with rolling hills as you gently lead a flock of sheep. Not quite! You have to endure harsh weather conditions and, as one shepherd put it, “You’ll need the patience of a saint, too, because sheep test you to the limit, with a million innovative ways to escape, ail or die.” Not any easy life. So if you ever fantasize about the life of shepherd, think again.

But this article made me think about how our shepherd, our Good Shepherd Jesus, is patient with us and helps us along. In our Gospel, Jesus helps us along by telling us what is most important in life; telling us what really matters. What matters is that we have learned how to love, how to give of ourselves for the benefit of others, and to know Jesus has identified Himself with every human being, especially those in great need. When we serve and love them, we truly love and serve our King. So, our Shepherd is helping us out again, patiently reminding us what matters. May the Lord strengthen us and help us so we may always see Him in the people we meet!

Lastly, Liturgy Training Publications, LTP, is offering some online Advent Reflections. It’s Free! Sessions take place from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Tuesday evenings on November 24, and December 1, 8, and 15. So, if you are looking for something to add spiritually during Advent, this may be the ticket! God Bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene