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Be amazing.

Our Gospel of the day, Matthew 8:5-17 , makes me think of a time when I was a seminarian working at my home parish, Saint Francis Xavier, during the summer. My pastor and your friend, Fr. Mark Hollis, asked me to do a parish census. It was quite the task. (A little side note... during this summer, Fr. Ron Wearsch was reassigned to Saint Mary Magdalene Parish, and Fr. Stephen Kaminski came to Saint Francis Xavier.) Doing a parish census requires a lot of organization. I think the project went well, and we were able to update our census. One afternoon, I had two teenagers help organize some files while I was out going to parishioners' homes. When I came back, I was amazed at the excellent job done by the two teenagers. I remember grabbing staff members to have them look at the great job. I was on cloud nine! I was just amazed, and over twenty years later, I have not forgotten it!

I think we can recall moments when we were amazed. Maybe somebody did a job that went beyond our expectation. Maybe a family member’s accomplishment or spontaneous act of kindness blew us away! Hopefully the amazement was not caused by how badly something went or how poorly someone behaved. We’ve all been amazed, and Saint Matthew tells us that Jesus “was amazed” by the faith and understanding of this non-Jewish centurion. Jesus, true God, is also true man. Based on what we read in scripture, our choices, then, really matter to him. We have the power to give Jesus joy, and to amaze Him by our trust in Him. As we go about living out our faith, our acts of faith and trust in Jesus can amaze Him. It is incredible to think that Jesus, who amazes us, could be amazed by our acts of faith and trust. Plus, I think it is a good reminder that Jesus pays close attention to us every step of the way!

God bless and stay safe!

In Christ,

Fr. Steve Breck
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalene