Feast Day Celebration this weekend for all Parishioners!
SIGNUP TODAY - City of God small faith groups form this weekend!
A Note from Fr. Vince
Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hello everybody!

I want to alert you to the fact that September is upon us, and winter is right around the corner. In a moment of self-disclosure (that you might not care about) I find myself trying to project my life too far out. Why am I projecting out there when today is 96 degrees? I’m a summer person, so why won’t I just enjoy it? Feel free to analyze me as long as you won’t charge me. I do have a plaque that reads: The past is past, and the future never comes; there is only today. Maybe I should move it closer to my front door, so I see it every day. I suspect now my phobia sounds like a good idea. We’re sick of Covid, so why not project out to 2021. The problem is that to get to 2021, we have to pass through a lot of days, weeks, and months.  In case you are wondering where my meandering is going, here it is: If you want to run into God…..God only appears today. Now!

You might be thinking that God does help me get through a troublesome past, but it is because you are seeking this help….in the NOW! As followers of Jesus, why is it hard to accept this? Being present in the moment is very hard. In fact we often pray to God…to Jesus about the future. Help me find the right person to spend my life with; Will my kids be safe?; Help me win the lottery, etc etc. They are noble desires, but they burn up a lot of time and energy. Of course we have to plan for things in the future, but the plans have to be important NOW! If you know someone who is a recovering addict, you know they tell you that there is only today….one day at a time! It’s good spiritual advice for all of us….especially me.

Be strong everybody!
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We can't let 2020 pass by without celebrating our Patron Saint:
Saint Augustin of Hippo! 

Thanks to our Knights of Columbus, Altar & Rosary, and Parish Council volunteers we are celebrating the weekend of August 29th & 30th.

On Saturday, following 5:00 pm Mass, meals will be handed out to parishioners in the parking lot (east hall in the event of inclement weather). They will consist of a pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, potato salad, and water or lemonade pre-packaged in a to go sack.

You are invited to bring lawn chairs and picnic (socially distanced) in the parking lot or in our prayer park - the green space east of our main parking lot.

On Sunday there will be a sweet treat individually wrapped to take with you after all Masses. 
Hello St. Augustin Parishioners!
These past few months have been challenging to say the least. As we start to gather in community again, we want to offer you an opportunity to become part of a small faith-sharing community within St. Augustin Parish.
On Saturday August 29th, we are going to kick-off a new program called “City of God” prayer groups at Augustin Parish. The goal of “City of God” is to form small Catholic study groups of 5-8 people. We hope that these groups will enable you to grow closer to Christ through prayer, reading, discussion, and fellowship. Read the full invitation HERE. Sign Up HERE.
Special Collection for Disaster Relief Derecho & Beirut
The month of August has wreaked havoc in our backyards and across the globe. A terrible explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon was followed by a straight-line windstorm, known as a derecho here in Iowa. The explosion in Beirut cost at least 160 people their lives and thousands of people remain injured or homeless. The derecho caused severe damage to crops, businesses, and homes. Tens of thousands of individual and families remain without power while they assess damages and remove debris. The recovery process for both disasters is expected to be lengthy and costly.
In response to these local and global disasters, Bishop Joensen asks that a special collection be taken up at our parishes this weekend. Donations can placed in the collection boxes at the back of the Church with a notation that they are for disaster relief. Gifts can also be made online dmdiocese.org/giving or mailed directly to the Diocese of Des Moines (601 Grand Avenue Des Moines, IA 50309). Contributions to disaster relief efforts in Beirut will be sent to Catholic Relief Services. The Diocese of Des Moines is working with our local Catholic Charities to help the individuals and families most severely affected by the derecho.

What You Should Know
The 2020 Christ Our Life Conference (Sept 26 & 27 at Wells Fargo Arena) will be offered in person and livestreamed for those preferring/unable to attend in person.
To find out details and purchase tickets, go to: ChristOurLifeIowa.com
Let’s Believe...Live...and Celebrate Our Faith!