A Note from Glen
Senior Pastor of First Baptist St. Pete
I've always been partial to the tenth month of the year. Fall is in the air - maybe not as identifiable in sunny Florida, but you can feel it. Our first granddaughter was born in October. And I remember interviewing with our Pastoral Search Team while on vacation in - you guessed it - October. 

I want to make this October one of the most memorable months in the life of First Baptist. Starting today, I'm encouraging my people to join me in making a commitment to 31 days of taking ten.

Here's what that looks like:
  • Participate in 10 church gatherings. Worship, Bible study, groups, and fellowship all count. So does online.

  • Spend 10 minutes each day in prayer and devotion.

  • Joyfully and faithfully give a tithe of 10 percent of your monthly income to the ministry of FBC.

  • Find a way to "Be Jesus" for 10 people this month.

  • Pick two hours, AM and PM, to pray on the 10's for our church.

This is important stuff. As your pastor, you ask me to seek the Lord's leadership and invite you to a higher plane and a better way of being, individually and as a congregation. I am convinced that if the good people of First Baptist St. Pete were to do all five of the tens, our lives and life together could be significantly changed. I believe God will honor those efforts and set forth a new and powerful trajectory for us all. 

It's October the first - let's start today. It's a challenge and a great chance to be part of great change. There is more to it all than just these five acts of faith and faithfulness, but I am convinced it is a good place start. Let's take the Take 10  journey together and see what God does with it over the next four and a half weeks.

Proud to be your pastor,