October 2018
Heard a couple of good stories this weekend!

  • I met someone and asked them how they heard about Door Creek Church. Great story—five years ago they asked a co-worker where to go to church. He delivered pizza on the side and said, "I don’t go to church, but the people at DCC are always really nice when I deliver pizzas and they always give a big tip!" Our value of Contagious Generosity at work in a least likely spot.

  • A couple of weeks ago a co-worker of someone who attends our DeForest Campus explained how they just built a home in the neighborhood of our new campus and although they aren’t church attenders, she said they plan on attending when the building is finished. Then she asked, “How would we go about doing that, attending your church?” Her response, “Just show up.” Right answer!

  • After service last Sunday I was talking with a new attender who recently placed her trust in Jesus. When we went into the communion part of the service she told me that she turned to her teenage son and told him, “I’m not sure how to do this,” to which her son said, “Don’t worry mom, I’ll ask the people next to us.” I love it!  

God is drawing all kinds of people to Himself—from the people we know and do life with, our family, friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers, to the people we might meet at church this weekend. Don’t assume anything, but always be that joyful witness who shares and lives the “Good News.”

Let’s gather on the weekend!
P.S. If you didn’t hear the message last week, we started our study in the book of Romans. You can listen to it here .