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When your name is Beers you are acquainted with most brands. We even had a dog named Budweiser who we called Buddy.  In fact when Jim lost both his legs, he nicknamed himself Bud-Lite. It wasn’t until 2020 that the word Corona was more than a bottle of beer…it was a very dangerous virus.

I knew I was keeping my family safe. We missed weddings and funerals and showers and graduations this summer. We kept our bubble of family very safe. And then somehow that virus crept into our lives and we all came down with Covid-19. I chose to write about this as so many of my friends just don’t believe it is real, and they hesitate wearing a mask or social distancing. Let me tell you it is real and scary and causes much anxiety. I am so thankful to tell you that we have all recovered and give thanks to God daily.

I am so grateful to be a part of the St. Mary Magdalene faith community where every precaution is taken to stop the spread of the virus. I remember entering the church for the first time after the lock-down and seeing “caution tape” on all the pews. It wasn’t until later that I thought how appropriate - as when we see caution tape we know something is happening…..a crime scene…and then I thought that is just what we celebrate each time we gather at mass…the crucifixion and death and resurrection of Jesus. So CAUTION…something is happening. We are being transformed into the Body of Christ.

We have much to be grateful for in the way our church is sanitized after each celebration. It is like little elves appear with masks and gloves and bottles of sanitizer to disinfect every pew and doorknob. It would be hard to personally thank all those behind the scenes who keep us safe.

Like you, I long for the old days when we could gather and hug or at least shake a hand. I long to sing and celebrate the joy we feel in our hearts. I long for Families in Faith and Sacramental Prep and PSR when we could be with the families in person instead of on Zoom. I know that day will come and we will all be so grateful.

Until that moment BE SAFE. WEAR A MASK. KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCING. We want to be sure that next year our whole family will still be with us at the table. May Thanksgiving be a time of truly being grateful for all the gifts God has given us.

In Christ,

Mary Lou Beers