Rockford Reformed Church
September 14, 2019

Dear Rockford Reformed Church Family and Friends,

We are underway with the fall ministry season. And so that means we make the transition from our summer wanderings into settling down into some good routines or habits for our spiritual health and life. Last week’s SeptemberFest booklet and our website highlight various opportunities that include Sunday School and Life Groups. I also invite you to join my Wednesday evening study called, “How People Change: How Christ Changes Us By His Grace” based on a book and curriculum developed by Timothy Lane and Paul David Tripp. I will share a bit of my story that explains why this topic of how we grow through the gospel is such a passion for me. And of course our purpose is that you will increasingly learn how to make real progress in faith and love. This class starts up on October 2 and you are encouraged to sign up so that we can have a book ordered and ready for you. You can connect with Laura Jolliffe to let her know you plan to attend.

One of the greatest challenges that we face going into the fall is to assimilate the wonderful not-yet-fully-a-part-of-our-church family people who are joining us for worship into the relationships, friendships, ministries, and life of RRC. We take on this challenge by extending invitations for coffee, lunch, dinner, or some activity and genuinely making new friends. The sermons of the next two Sundays will work to equip and empower us for this ministry. But I also want to highlight how our participation in Life Groups can be one significant way for meaningfully welcoming newer or disconnected people into our fellowship. Please connect with Pam Jacobs about becoming part of this ministry.

The quality and effectiveness of our Life Groups are vital and so toward this end, I am providing an evening of training for Life Group leaders on Tuesday, September 24 at 7pm. But I want to emphasize as well that this is open to anyone who at some point might consider starting another group or serving as a leader. Your participation would simply help you to serve well as a participant. Again, connect with Pam Jacobs about your intention to participate in this training so that we can have space and materials for you that evening.

The fall is an amazing time when, as we saw last Sunday, God goes wonderfully public with his creative glory. Many of us continue to enjoy the outdoors. And you know how I might especially enjoy 18 at this time of year. But really really look forward to our time of corporate worship together. We will overwhelm the house with his praise and look for him to do his transforming work in us through the gospel—all for his glory. 

Pastor Tim
Rockford Reformed Church
4890 11 Mile Road, Rockford, MI 49341