Rockford Reformed Church
March 25, 2020

Dear Rockford Reformed Church Family and Friends,

Regular communication becomes more important than ever as our world is changing so quickly. Since compulsory social distancing arrived about 10 days ago, we have been scrambling to make the adjustments and our staff have focused on facilitating connection, communication, and continued equipping with all ages through innovation, technology, YouTube videos, Zoom meetings, and more. Mike is working to provide resources, technology, and equipping to keep our Life Groups connected and growing. Details will be coming soon as we implement a two times/week virtual prayer meeting.

Laura has done some great work on providing a user-friendly “ C19” page on our website. Please explore and use it!! This space will be full of resources, communications, and ideas for you and your family. The bulletin boards section is a private place for our church family to share needs, thoughts, encouragement, struggles, prayer requests, and ways that we can help. Also note that we have developed a card that you can print (see the example and article below) for your use in reaching out to potentially serve/connect with your neighbors. 

Let me also encourage you with one more resource below entitled “Spiritual Rhythms for Quarantine.” Don’t waste your quarantine! Make this a time to develop new routines that put Christ at the center of your life. This could be one of the most significant outcomes for this jolting pause in our life.

Please pray for our consistory as we gather through a Zoom meeting this evening at 7 to talk about how we can respond and prepare for the longer-term consequences. This is exponentially more than the worst winter storm any of us have endured. The most intense part of this virus storm is still coming, and the fallout will dramatically and irrevocably change our world and the church. And so we will plan for how we can rise up to serve, care for, and bring hope to our community and neighbors as the storm comes in. There will also be adjustments with finances, staff roles/responsibilities, follow-up with online visitors and new believers, and the equipping and care for our church family.

Pray for me and the staff as we seek to faithfully lead in making these many adjustments. Pray for God’s grace and encouragement for our medical community, those who are sick, and our greater community and country. We and our world need the hope, peace, and love that only Jesus can deliver more than ever. 

Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim


Rockford Reformed Church
4890 11 Mile Road, Rockford, MI 49341