Sermon By The Sea

On the morning of our Special Meeting, I was awakened just before dawn by Spirit guiding me to read Sermon by the Sea by Ernest Holmes. “Spend some time with Ernest” was the message I received. So I made my coffee, took my beautiful leather-bound Science of Mind book off the shelf, settled into my morning meditation spot in the backyard, turned to page 669 and read the following:

Below is a transcript of Ernest Holmes’s talk, now known as Sermon by the Sea, on Saturday, August 15, 1959, approximately eight months before he passed away in April 1960. This, the last of his yearly sermons given at the beautiful Asilomar retreat center near Monterey, California, with the Pacific Ocean in the background, continues to inspire readers today.

Saturday, August 15, 1959

I got chills, God-bumps! It was Saturday, August 15, 2020.

I felt the presence of Ernest Holmes, the presence of Spirit, and experienced a wave of reassurance letting me know, “All is well.” A profound peace descended upon me. I read Sermon by the Sea and was uplifted by the many profound truths in Ernest’s final talk at Asilomar.

One idea has stayed with me: “Evolution is forward.”

Towards the end of this inspired sermon, Ernest reminds us: “Find one thousand people who know [Science of Mind] and use it and the world will no longer be famished. How important is it that each one of us in his simple way shall live from God to God, with God, in God and to each other. That is why we are here and we are taking back with us, I trust, a vision and an inspiration, something beyond a hope and a longing that the living Spirit shall through us walk anew into Its own creation and a new glory come with a new dawn.”

I know that we are Spirit-led, individually and collectively. Let’s open up to the question: “What is the highest expression of a spiritual community as a beneficial presence on the planet?” And together, “Spirit shall through us walk anew into Its own creation and a new glory come with a new dawn.”

Together We Rise,
Rev. Colleen

Here is a link to an abridged version of Ernest’s brilliant Sermon By The Sea:

As we work together to create and embrace a world that works for everyone, we each have unique gifts to bring. Yet far too often, we let ourselves fall into the trap of believing we can’t make a difference, or that our small efforts won’t help. What if today is the day to awaken, the day we release those old limited ways of thinking and of seeing each other and the world around us? What if today we allow ourselves to live in the possibility of oneness the possibility of joy, the possibility of wonder?   

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It is often easy to catch a glimpse of what Spirit’s highest idea is for us. But how do we bring that into our experience? Vision manifests when we are willing to be transformed.

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