Hi, Progressions Students and Families,
I hope this message finds you well!  This week also work on the EE pages following the assignment sheet that came from Miss Janet at the beginning of April. Our focus for orchestra music this week should be the following songs (listening links can be found here):

(1st & 2nd years) First Scale March
(1st & 2nd years) Russian Music Box
(2nd years) Tribal Dance
(1st & 2nd years) Fiddler's Hoedown
(1st & 2nd years) Pachelbel's Canon (Canon in D)
(2nd years) Dragonhunter
(1st & 2nd years) Minuet from Royal Fireworks
(2nd years only) Rejouissance
(1st & 2nd years) Appalachian Hymn

For 1st years - please continue to focus on your note reading and being able to play your orchestra music without writing in note names or fingerings. And of course work on your assigned Suzuki solo from your Monday lesson teacher and your scales.

For 2nd years - you should focus on your Suzuki solo, scales, and pick your favorite 20-30 measures of one orchestra song. It should be the one song that is your absolute favorite that makes you sound your best. These three: scales, solo and possible excerpt will be part of your MYSO auditions. (More info coming about that soon!)

Weekly listening & reflection video - Here's a neat video of a girl playing a fiddle tune and doing something else at the same time - you'll have to watch to find out what she's doing! Hillary plays Cotton-Eyed Joe   Let me know what you think of her playing and what the music is saying to you!  You can email me at the address below.   

I know we are all adjusting to online learning. If you need some help or advice from some of my big kids at school...check out this slideshow we made with all of our advice. I am sure you will find some helpful hints: Online Learning Slides

I will send a message like this each week until we are back together.  I am looking forward to hearing from you about your practicing, listening, and how you're doing in general, too.  Have a great week, stay safe, and thank your parents for their support of your music!  

Mrs. Michels
Progressions Orchestra Director
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