Hello Senesh Community!

We are so grateful for all the effort being put into getting our kids safely back into the classroom, and we wanted to share some things we’ve been thinking about for the coming year.

For starters, instead of Class Parents we will have Pod Parents - one for each pod per class. We will send out the specific Pod Parent responsibilities in the coming weeks. The role of the Pod Parent will be to help build and support the individual pod community while also being the PA point person for the pod. In August, once we have the list of pods, we will start to recruit volunteers. 

We are also exploring how the PA can help with some logistical changes; including staggered arrival and dismissal and days when middle school students are doing distance learning. We know that our parent community can come together and support one another.

If you have any other ideas how you think parents can help and build a strong and healthy community, let us know. We really believe that our amazing community will work together to make all of these challenges a little bit easier. It takes a village and we have one! We are listening and we’d love to help if we can. 

We miss you and we look forward to seeing you all from a safe distance in September.

More to come! 

PA Co-Chairs

Lana Gershenoff
Mom to a rising 3rd grader and a rising 6th grader

Corinne Kotler
Mom to a rising 3rd grader and a rising 6th grader