From Pastor Marg


A local doctor who works with an international team on public health has asked us to consider helping with a demographic that has been over-looked: people with health issues who are sheltering in place. Some of these people would in normal circumstance be in the hospital or have regular visits with their doctor. But due to COVIE-19 are asked to stay at home. We have been asked if we would be willing to make phone calls to these people to check on them. They are people living in our area. We would receive instruction in terms of how to respond to various requests, working closely with their medical professional. In addition to phone calls, we might be asked to pick up groceries or medicines for them, care for their pet, pray for them, etc. These are not people exposed to coronavirus but people who are trying to stay away from it. We would not be required to do any more than call them. Any needs or requests from that point, would be addressed by you or reported by you to the doctor’s office.

The need is expected to grow, but we will start small allowing us to work out the details. Then if the need continues and grows beyond our capacity, we could invite others to join in. This would all be coordinated by the medical practice.

While others are focused on the needs of medical professionals on the front lines, another even larger group is being overlooked. Pender has been asked if we will begin a process to tend to these home patients. This has the potential of saving lives starting with a simple phone call.

If you are interested in helping with this by making phone calls, please let me know .

You can limit the number of calls you make to what is manageable for you. I would like to respond to the doctor by Friday the 3 rd . Thank you for your generous hearts.

Pastor Marg