Monday, November 4, 2019

2019 Weekly Village of Whitefish Bay
Official Newsletter
Message from the
Village President, Julie Siegel

We take recycling seriously here in the Village, but it's important to not place plastic bags in your blue recycling cart. C heck out a list of locations where you can recycle plastic bags and video about recycling below. To subscribe to our newsletter, click here.
Why is Village Hall's Phone Ringing?
When is the Holiday Stroll? The Holiday Stroll is Friday, November 29, 2019. Click here for event details.

What is the leaf collection schedule? Curbside leaf collection continues through mid-November. Additional dates may be added if weather permits.

When will Property Tax information available? Tax bills will be sent out to homes by December 13, 2019. 
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The Village Hall phone number is 414-962-6690.
Village Meeting Agendas:
Last Week's Meetings:

  • Monday, Oct. 28, 5:00 pm, Village Hall Board Room

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Past meeting agendas and minutes please visit the  Agenda Center page on the Village Website. Please contact Village Hall with any comments or questions.
This Week's Meetings:

  • Monday, Nov. 4, 6:00 pm, Village Hall Board Room

  • Tuesday, Nov. 5, 6:00 pm, Village Hall Board Room

  • Thursday, Nov. 7, 5:30 pm, Village Hall Board Room
We need your help cleaning up our Recycling!
The Village has recently received multiple recycling contamination reports from our recycling vendor.The primary source of contamination is plastic bags and materials in plastic bags. Please do not place plastic bags of any kind in your recycling cart.

Plastic bags can be recycled at the following locations:
  1. Whitefish Bay Public Library (5420 N Marlborough Dr)
  2. Sendik’s - Whitefish Bay (500 E Silver Spring Dr)
  3. Metro Market - Shorewood (4075 N Oakland Ave)
  4. Pick n Save - Glendale (6969 N Port Washington Rd)
Check out this video to see what happens when plastic bags and other non-recyclables end up in the the recycling cart! 
Two Important Notes from the Chief of Police:
Winter Reminders from Public Works:
Village Snow Plowing Procedures:

Village crews clear streets starting with the main thoroughfares, the crews then proceed to streets adjacent to schools, after that residential streets and alleys are cleared. Sidewalks next to village land are also cleared.
Resident Snow and Ice Removal:

All residents and business owners are responsible for snow and ice removal from public sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours of a snow event. Please clear all corners with crosswalks. Handicap accessible ramps should be cleared out enough to accommodate a wheel chair. Visit the  Village website for more details
Snow Storm Cart Placement:

During winter months refuse and recycling carts should continue to be placed within 3 feet of the curb or alley edge and 3 feet from any side or rear obstruction, including other carts, trees, garage, fence, or any other elements.

In the event of snow, Residents are encouraged to utilize their driveway apron or clear a portion of their parkway for cart placement. Snow and ice must be cleared around the cart(s) as well as the lid. Please do not place your refuse and recycling carts in the street during the winter months as it can affect proper snow removal by our village snow plow crews. Proper placement is imperative to automated collection.
Updates from Village Hall:
Interested in working for Whitefish Bay? The Department of Public Works is seeking applicants to fill the following positions:

(NEW) Public Works Superintendent - This position oversees the daily operations of the Department of Public Works including but not limited to general public service operation delivery. It also includes the operations and maintenance of the sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer systems, park system, public roadway system, and all public building and facilities. This is a salary position with a pay range of $78,769.60 - $87,089.60 per year.  Click here for more information. November 19, 2019 is the application deadline.

Public Works Services Technician - Electrical: This position performs operation, maintenance, repair and replacement work as it relates to the Village street light system, traffic signal system, street sign system and public facilities operations. This position performs also routine maintenance, repair and construction tasks within the Department of Public Works.In addition, This position requires an education, knowledge or background in electrical systems. Hourly rate starts at $28.00-$30.50/hour with competitive benefits.   Click here for more information. November 19, 2019 is the application deadline.
Curbside Leaf Collection Continues

How often are Leaves Collected? Collection is typically weekly, but there is no specific collection schedule. Collection is dependent on crew availability and the volume of leaves that need to be collected.

Where Do I Place My Leaves? Leaves should be placed in the curb of the street. Please place leaves away from storm inlets as leaf decay can clog storm sewers and add unwanted material to Lake Michigan.

Can I Throw Yard Waste In The Leaf Pile? The Village encourages property owners to throw certain yard waste material (plant material such as flowers and garden material, in the leaf piles to preclude a separate yard waste pick-up. Branches, sticks, and other woody material should not be placed with the leaves and should be left on the boulevard/parkway for chipping.

What Does The Village Do With The Leaves? Most of the leaves are temporarily stored and composted at a DNR monitored site shared with the City of Glendale. In the spring, the composted piles are hauled away by a private sod grower and used as sod bedding material.

When Is The Last Day That Leaves Or Yard Waste Will Be Picked Up? Village crews will typically begin the last leaf collection the week before Thanksgiving. Leaves raked to the curb after the crews have made the final pass will not be collected and must be bagged or containerized. The DPW will run yard waste crews to pick-up bagged and containerized material until the first significant snow fall or through the first week in December.
Events at the Whitefish Bay Public Library:
Tuesday, November 5:
Whitefish Bay TALKS: Robert Brust- A Different Path to Happiness, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, Robert J. Brust wrote Human Understanding: An Engineer’s Analysis of Life: Getting to the Basics after several years searching for the meaning of life.  
He tells audiences that life was pretty easy for him growing up and he enjoyed a successful professional career as an engineer. Then a string of sad events intervened, including the death of his young son. This challenged him to search for a happier, more meaningful life. At his presentation he will share how he uses basic engineering principles to view life from different perspectives. Registration Preferred.
Thursday, November 7:
Mystery Book Club, 7:00 pm, Our Mystery Book Club meets once a month and is led by Patron Services Intern Sharon Nagel. This month we're reading Still Life by Louise Penny Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec and his team of investigators are called in to the scene of a suspicious death in a rural village south of Montreal. Jane Neal, a local fixture in the tiny hamlet of Three Pines, just north of the U.S. border, has been found dead in the woods. The locals are certain it's a tragic hunting accident and nothing more, but Gamache smells something foul in these remote woods, and is soon certain that Jane Neal died at the hands of someone much more sinister than a careless bowhunter.--From publisher description. Registration Preferred.
Wednesday, November 13:
Author Event - Rayna Andrews, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Join the fictitious students of Sunnyview School for an evening of spinach and suspense as Alex McGreen and her grandfather save the day with leafy greens & determination. Local author & public health ambassador, Rayna Andrews will read from her book, Alex McGreen and the Tale of the Mysterious Kale and afterwards will prepare fresh smoothies for all. Ms. Andrews will address food disparities, food justice and why food insecurity is a public health concern. This family friendly event will also feature healthy treats provided by our collaborating partners: The Whitefish Bay Library, Bay Bridge, The Whitefish Bay Community Garden, The Whitefish Bay High School Health Club, and The Whitefish Bay Garden Club. One hour with Ms. Andrews can change the way you think about food for a lifetime! Registration Preferred.
Community Spotlight:
'55 and Better' at the Whitefish Bay Community Center

Wednesday, November 6 at 3:30 pm: Join us for Mind-Body Wellness and Stress Relief. This one hour class is held by specialist Lynne Shaner Ph.D in mind-body medicine. Learn the techniques and effects of using imagery with meditation. This is a calming experience to use in your everyday life! $5.00 donation requested at the class. Must be registered by November 5, 2019. Please contact Carolyn Noori at 414-963-3992 or with questions.
Whitefish Bay High School Theater Presents
Arthur Miller’s All My Sons

Set in 1947 Ohio, All My Sons depicts a post-war American family, the Kellers, as they struggle to stay intact and to fight for a bright future even as a long-hidden secret threatens to emerge—forcing them to reckon with greed, denial, repentance, and post-war disenchantment across generations.  

All My Sons is an American play with the strength of a Greek Tragedy. In many ways, the Keller family is royalty—Joe is the King, Kate is the Queen, and Chris is the prince. As we watch this “royal family” follow a tragic downfall, we are called to examine our own social responsibilities to our families, to our conscience, and to all the sons of American wars.  

When: 7:00 on November 8th, 9th, 15th, & 16th
Where: Whitefish Bay High School Auditorium: 1200 E. Fairmount Avenue
Tickets: $10.00 for Adults & $5.00 for Students and Seniors. Ticket Information: Can’t wait to see you there! Emotionally Challenging Content & Mature Themes 
Milwaukee County Consolidated Plan Survey:

Milwaukee County wants to hear from you! The consolidated planning process serves as the framework for a community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities that align and focus funding from the Community Planning Development formula block grant programs such as: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program, Housing Trust Fund (HTF), Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program, and Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) Program. Click here to take the Consolidated Plan survey. Paper survey available at Village Hall if desired.
Whitefish Bay Middle School Holiday Boutique: 

The holidays are right around the corner! Get a head start on your shopping at the Whitefish Bay Middle School Holiday Boutique, brought to you by the WFBMS PTO. The Holiday Boutique will be held on Thursday, November 14, from 4-8 pm at the Middle School. We have more than 30 vendors and artisans with a wide variety of unique merchandise. 

Admission is free and open to the public. In addition to the shopping, there will be a Silent Auction with proceeds designated to benefit the Middle School directly. So, grab some friends and shop at the boutique!  Like us on Facebook and invite your friends. Questions? Contact Beth Wagner at

North Shore Health Department:
Did you know? October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month. Domestic violence (also called intimate partner violence, domestic abuse or relationship abuse) affects millions of people of all genders, every race, religion, culture and status. Nearly three out of four Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. 
Domestic violence doesn’t look the same in every relationship because every relationship is different. But one thing most abusive relationships have in common is that the abusive partner asserts more power and control over their partner. Some of the signs of an abusive relationship include a partner who: 
  • Tells you that you can never do anything right. 
  • Shows extreme jealousy of your friends and time spent away. 
  • Keeps you or discourages you from seeing friends or family members. 
  • Insults, demeans or shames you with put-downs. 
  • Controls every penny spent in the household. 
  • Takes your money or refuses to give you money for necessary expenses. 
  • Looks at you or acts in ways that scare you. 
  • Controls who you see, where you go, or what you do. 
  • Prevents you from making your own decisions. 
  • Tells you that you are a bad parent or threatens to harm or take away your children. 
  • Prevents you from working or attending school. 
  • Destroys your property or threatens to hurt or kill your pets.
  • Intimidates you with guns, knives or other weapons. 
  • Pressures you to have sex when you don’t want to or do things sexually you’re not comfortable with. 
  • Pressures you to use drugs or alcohol.
Since the Violence Against Women Act passed in 1994, we’ve come a long way. This landmark legislation holds offenders accountable and provide programs and services for victims. Between 1993 and 2010, the overall rate of domestic violence dropped nearly two-thirds and state laws have reformed to address issues such as dating abuse in the workplace, stalking, employment discrimination and more.  If you need assistance or want to talk to someone about domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233 or online chat at to speak with a trained advocate.  Learn more about intimate partner violence from the CDC by clicking here.
Upcoming Immunization Clinics (Appointment Required)

Tuesday, Nov. 12,
10:00 am to 11:00 am,
Brown Deer Office

Thursday, Nov. 14,
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm,
Shorewood Office

Upcoming Adult Health Clinics
(Appointment Required)

Wednesday Nov. 20,
8:00 am to 10:00 am,
Brown Deer Office

Upcoming Blood Pressure Screening 
(No Appointment Required)

Wednesday, Nov. 6,
12:15 pm to 1:00 pm
Dolan Center
(4355 W. Bradley Rd, Brown Deer)

Tuesday, Nov. 19,
1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
WFB Sr. Center (5205 Lydell Avenue) 

Contact the North Shore Health Department for appointments:
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