Following God often requires that we wait on Him.

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April 9, 2017
Volume XVII, Issue 15

A Note of Encouragement

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A darkened scene of an African river just before sunrise
In His Timing David Tait
Hilly land, some plowed, a single black cow, and cloud covered mountains rising in the distance
This year my wife, Kathy, and I came to an exciting decision! We will follow God who has made the way possible for us to shift, long term, from New Zealand to Kenya. How did that come about?
My life once lay in ruins. Bankrupt, desperate, unable to provide for my family. Then I gave in to God. He came and took care of us and rebuilt our lives together. With Jesus, the difference was amazing.
One day as I was about to finish reading the entire Bible and feeling pleased with myself, the Lord suddenly stopped me at Revelation 12:11: They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
At that moment, He instructed me to build my life and His ministry upon that verse. It would be the foundation for  Walking With Jesus Ministries . Ever since we have focused on helping others get deeper into God---to truly walk  with Him.
Here's what I want you to day.
For years I wrote and taught how to do this, even sharing His vision in Asia and Africa. Then 4 years ago the Lord gave us a new direction. He told me to go live in Kenya and minister with our friends, David and Selina Walukhu. He would make the way for us. So we waited...and waited.
The Conference Centre at Webuye, Kenya
In August, 2015, I went to Kenya after a 10 year absence, intent on talking to David and Selina. Due to our schedules, we had only an hour so they quickly showed me where they were living.
Their "home" was a 6 acre compound, financed and built by a Pentecostal church in Holland. It included a large house, big Bible school, greenhouses, outdoor horticulture, aquaculture and poultry. It was amazing. All was going well with their Dutch involvement.
Kathy also wanted to check it out. Her opportunity came in 2016 when we went to India for our son's wedding. India is much closer to Kenya and we found some very cheap airfares.
We envisaged going to Kenya, helping in the Bible school, and expanding our ministry into the surrounding countries. Meanwhile, Kathy would find a job to help people, probably in nursing.
It's God's vision and His plans, not ours.
But when we arrived, everything had dramatically changed! The Dutch church had withdrawn and the compound was now in the hands of local Trustees, who were looking for a new vision. The new situation was tailor made for us to come in and provide guidance to the people there!
We asked medical people, community leaders, and others what their greatest medical need was. Without exception the answer was "eyes". It "just so happens" that Kathy's primary nursing experience is as an eye nurse, both as a theatre nurse and in running eye clinics.
Close up of two eyes, one clear, the other cloudy by cataracts

So now we are heading to Kenya to become part of the local community, sharing together and learning from each other. We will help with the compound and work toward building an eye clinic.
Unbelievable! The vision tarried for 4 years before it was God's time for fulfillment! So if you are  waiting for His direction, be encouraged. If it is His vision, the day will His timing.
Continuing to follow God as He directs our steps,

David Tait is Founder and President of Walking With Jesus Ministries ( ), growing believers into disciples, united in Christ, and reflecting Jesus to the world. He is also the author of several books, including The Words of Jesus, Thinking Greek or Hebrew, and Transition from "The Church" to "The Kingdom" . David and Kathy have four sons and live in Ahuriri, Napier, New Zealand.

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