A Notice to All Howard County Residents
Due to the Covid19 virus and the need to create social distance to help curtail the transmission of the virus, Howard County is sending out this notice to keep you informed of changes to our operating procedures at Alpha Ridge Landfill. These changes will be in effect until further notice.

Alpha Ridge Landfill

Cash, check, and credit card sales have been discontinued until further notice.

For landfill safety, residents using trailers must proceed to the scales as normal, but all other residential vehicles should proceed to the Residents Convenience Center. If you are bringing yard trim, drive through the Convenience Center to get to the Wood Waste Area, or as directed by landfill staff. You do not need to cross the scales.

Residents with construction/demolition debris will not be charged and should also use the Residents Convenience Center.

All commercial customers who have a permit will still be required to use the scales. All transactions will be charged to the permit holder and the account will be billed at a later date. Permits cannot be purchased at the landfill. Those wishing to purchase a Commercial Landfill Permit should contact our office at 410-313-6444 .

Commercial customers who do not have a valid permit will not be allowed to use the landfill.

The free shredded wood and chips program has been expanded to include mulch.

Sales of compost and topsoil will be limited to commercial customers with permits.

In addition, please avoid unnecessary trips to Alpha Ridge Landfill. Curbside collection services for trash, recycling, yard trim, food scraps, bulk items, and scrap metal are all operating normally. If you have items to donate to The Loading Dock, Bicycles for the World, or The Loan Closet, please hold onto them until the need for social distancing ends.

If you have any questions, please call the Bureau of Environmental Services at 410-313-6444 or email us at help@howardcountyrecycles.org

We will continue to send out Constant Contact notices with any additional operating changes as appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation.