Thursday, June 25,  2020

To: The Members of Fencers Club 
This notice is being sent by the current members of the Board of Directors, in response to recent events and requests by various members of the community.
We begin by reiterating our vision for the Fencers Club, namely, to create an environment where all can flourish regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or any other social marker of difference. 
We strive to achieve this goal every day through our many programs, our passion for our sport, and our love for our entire Fencers Club community. 
We are also committed to making a concerted effort to address any inequities that exist in our community, enable every person to be heard, to feel safe, and to thrive, and to identify meaningful solutions that respond to the challenges facing the African American members. And, very importantly, for the future of our club-to reconcile.  
Over the past month, we have been receiving numerous suggestions from many of our members as to how we can achieve this vision, and we have begun to take actions to implement many of these suggestions. This will continue.
We have, however, also received communications that bully, offend and unfairly discredit. Regrettably these communications have dismayed a number of our Board members who have tendered their resignations. 
Each resignation is distressing. Each person gave of themselves to the club, dedicated themselves to benefit the community, cared for all the club's members, and contributed positively to the club's growth and success. We are all upset by this loss and thank them for their volunteer service to the Club.
However, those of us who remain on the Board, as well as those who are ready to join the Board in an interim capacity, are fully intent on continuing to make further progress toward achieving our club's vision and reconciling. We are very much intent on advancing the dialogue that has been started with the club's African American community, and completely committed to safely and quickly re-opening our club to our membership.
Consequently, under the circumstances, the Zoom forum scheduled for later today at 5:00pm with certain community members is postponed and will be rescheduled to take place on July 9th. We will strive to conduct this town hall forum in person rather than Zoom, if possible, and also will have it open to all our members. We will, of course, seek to do so with consideration to protecting the health and safety of our members, and certainly for those who are uncomfortable attending in person we will provide remote access.
The Annual Meeting will also be postponed and reset to August 6th. We note, that members of the Club (as defined in the Bylaws) are entitled to seek election to the Board by the members of the Club. A Nominating Committee as set forth in Section 5.03 of the Bylaws will be organized and announced shortly.
Finally, we reiterate, we are committed to a path that is creating a better, more familial and sustainable Fencers Club. 
Thank you all.
Fencers Club  Board of Directors 

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