David Cataletto

David, an East Hampton native, has volunteered with the Society’s educational programs and family events for the past ten years. He is currently a history teacher at East Hampton Middle School, drawing his inspiration from our unofficial Town Crier, Hugh King, in the methods he uses to make history entertaining and fun.

David’s motivation for volunteering is to light the fire of passion in other people, notably the youth in our town. He says, “I am really interested in history, especially our local history here on eastern Long Island…There is always so much more to learn about it.”

During quarantine, David created a series of “Remember to Remember” videos for the Society, which focused on local history stories around town. He felt that the quarantine presented an ideal opportunity to make history videos - there was a captive audience already looking online for information and entertainment. He wanted people to realize that you can learn engaging and interesting things from the past.

David is a trustee and founding member of the Amagansett Lifesaving Station and Coast Guard Museum, and he is on the East Hampton Nature Preserve Committee.  He offers nature and history tours on kayaks and bicycles as well. He is an avid sailor and enjoys going to the beach with Elizabeth, his wife of two years, and Theo Bay, his son. He enjoys perusing the stacks at the Sag Harbor Library and is currently working on a young adult historical fiction novel on the early history of East Hampton. 

You can see David embody Captain Cataletto in our "Remember to Remember" Series on our YouTube channel.