On November 3rd, Election Day, I had more friends and clients running for public office than ever. It felt like Christmas because of all the excitement that day. I spent election day working for the Don Bacon campaign. Republican Congressman Bacon was re-elected with a fantastic supporting bipartisan vote from Democrats to a third term in the House representing Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District. I would like to congratulate all of my clients I worked for in any way, even if it was as simple as a headshot or providing some stock photographs:

  • Rep. Don Bacon - Nebraska 2nd District
  • Rita Sanders - Legislative District 45
  • Ray Aguilar - Legislative District 35
  • Rich Pahls - Legislative District 31
  • Mike Evans - Gretna Mayor
  • Dr. Jack Stark - University of Nebraska Regents
  • Scott Peterson - County Clerk
  • Andrew Brock - Learning Community District 6
  • Allan Hager - Learning Community District 4