Announcing our Main Tent Keynote
at this Fall's
Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum

**Friday, September 9**
Chase Center - SF
Come Listen to a
One Dartmouth Founding Story
2 Dartmouth Founders
Launched in 2018
Inspired by Dartmouth Athletics
1 of the Fastest Growing Consumer Packaged Goods Companies in the US
$1B Valuation
Andy Gay '14
President & Co-Founder
Philip McKeating '10
Garrett Waggoner '13
CEO & Co-Founder
Founding Story:

Cirkul was founded by Garrett Waggoner '13 and Andy Gay '14, who developed the product while students at Dartmouth to combine the benefits of both bottled beverages and concentrated powders/liquids while eliminating the downsides of each. Since its launch in 2018, Cirkul has helped millions of customers drink the equivalent of hundreds of millions of bottled beverages. Today, Cirkul has built a team of over 500 and has grown exponentially with an exciting portfolio of disruptive water bottles and flavor cartridges.
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Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum
Friday, September 9
Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship
Dartmouth College
15 Thayer Drive, Suite 001
Hanover, NH 03755