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Summer 2016

Edition 8


Welcome to our Summer Edition of A Passion for Pianos!
This is an exciting issue! This month we gear up for the Summer's most popular piano event, Pianos in the Parks, we look back at this year's Ten Grands event at Benaroya Hall, we learn about the history and future of Yamaha pianos, and our resident Piano Doctor, John Slavick, teaches us important information about piano tuning.
Also, July means that our annual July Super Sale is upon us! If you or someone you know is in the market for a piano, we would be delighted to help. Our brand-depth and pricing is the best in the Northwest. We also strive to provide the most pristine piano inventory anywhere.

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue. Please read below for details, video links, an invitation to the Pianos in the Parks launch party and more. 

All the best,

Ben Klinger
Sales Manager
Classic Pianos

Pianos in the Parks is coming up soon! This year will bring some new changes to the program, so please visit www.pianosintheparks.com to stay informed.

Each year, three key elements need to be in place for Pianos in the Parks to flourish. Laird Norton Wealth Management must underwrite the vast majority of the program, 206inc must overcome a myriad of logistical obstacles (while addressing all of the event's PR needs simultaneously), and Martinson Piano Movers needs to deliver a crazy-number of pianos throughout the event, and at odd hours! Classic Pianos, of course, provides the pianos at no charge, but a lot of the heavy lifting is done by others. So, we wanted to put the spotlight on these three partners to say, "Thank you for all you do!"      
Video: Making Pianos in the Parks Possible                                            

Yamaha's Pilgrimage to Excellence
Many people don't realize that Yamaha has been making pianos for more than a hundred years. They have poured lots of money into research and development, making their pianos what they are today. In the last ten years two huge developments have happened:  Yamaha
purchased Bosendoerfer (giving Bosendorfer the ability to continue their nearly-200-year-old tradition of excellence in Vienna) and they created the new CFX concert grand piano, a universally-acknowledged amazing instrument. Jun Fujimoto, of Yamaha's Institutional Solutions Group, sat down to give us a wealth of knowledge on Yamaha's history and a great feeling for their future.
Video: Yamaha's History and Future
Video: Yamaha's History and Future
2016 Ten Grands Retrospective

Ten Grands has become one of the most exciting piano concerts of the year. Ten gifted pianists playing on ten spectacular grand pianos, decorating the stage in one of the most beautiful music halls in the country, has become an annual sold-out event, inspiring many and raising lots of money for music education. The concert offers music for everyone: classical, pop, jazz and blues. There are so many elements that go into making Ten Grands happen; we wanted to provide a glimpse behind the scenes, that results in such a magical night.

Behind the Scenes of Ten Grands
Video: Behind the Scenes of Ten Grands
Lacking Inspiration to practice? The Piano Doctor says, "Tune your piano!"
At Classic Pianos we are fortunate to have John Slavick, our Piano Doctor, working continually on our pianos, to make them sound inspiring. Having a piano that is in tune definitely has an impact on a person's desire to play; inspiration and piano service go hand in hand. Would you be an avid cyclist if the chain fell off your bike every half mile? Probably not! It is the same with pianos. Therefore, we are beginning a series on the importance of piano maintenance; we want you to be, and to remain, inspired!
Video Part 2: The Importance of Tuning Your Piano
Video Part 2: The Importance of Tuning Your Piano

Video Part 1: an introduction to the Care and Maintenance of Your Piano
Video Part 1: Intro to the Care and Maintenance of Your Piano
Our Annual July Super Sale on ALL Inventory Begins July 1st!
July is a GREAT time to buy a piano. Our July Super Sale is an annual event, when ALL of our pianos go on sale. If you or a friend or family member is in the market for a piano, this is a wonderful opportunity to save money on an outstanding new or used piano. We have the most diverse inventory in the Northwest, striving to have a piano for every taste. We carry Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Schimmel, Estonia, Mason & Hamlin, Charles Walter, and the most pristine collection of used Steinways anywhere. Please call us for more information. We would be delighted to hear from you.