June 2019   
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"All it takes is a creative mind and a caring heart to help others and our environment." ~ Veronica Marella 

We are inspired by the combined passion for reuse and heart for service that led Veronica Marella, a surgical technologist, to see an operating room waste material and think of sleeping mats for the homeless. Please take a moment to read how her project creatively led to waste reduction in the article below.

Veronica suggests we all think outside the box and use the resources in front of us to help solve issues in our communities. We know you use your passion for waste reduction every day to do just that and  w ould love to work with you to encourage your community members to do the same.  Please give me a call or  email me .
Keep on caring and reusing!

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
A Heart for Service, A Passion for Reuse
A former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy, Veronica Marella remembers feeling sad on her way to work when she saw people who were homeless sleeping on the hard sidewalk. The memory and the feeling stayed with her as she moved to a new career as a surgical technologist at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, CA.

While preparing an operating room for surgery, she noticed that large tray wraps were being removed from sterilized instrument trays and tossed into the trash. A seamstress who loves to sew and craft, Veronica was sure the wraps could be turned into something new, and then  she remembered her homeless neighbors sleeping on the ground. 

Veronica realized that she could turn two tray wraps into a sleeping mat. With the addition of elastic straps, she was able to roll the finished mats (yoga mat style), making them easy to carry. The du cOeuR Project was born! To find out what the project name means and learn more, read the full story here.

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