Pastor's Periodic Pondering  
by Pastor Josh Nelson

At this back-to-school time, I thought I'd highlight a few things about the Family of Christ Preschool, a wonderful faith-based, small-class-sized Preschool for the Chan/Chaska area.  You likely know that we have a regular Preschool that meets in our lower level of the church, but I discovered a few extra facts to share with you so you can be made more fully aware about this wonderful school.
The Family of Christ Preschool is a ministry of our church, supported in many ways by our staff and lay leaders, and led by a teaching team and a director. The Preschool began in 2002 and so is entering its 16th year.  Susan Schmidt has been the director since 2010, and this year has a teaching team of nine who help lead a variety of classes for 2-5 year olds.  One of those teachers, Karen Canfield, has been here since the very beginning, though we do note she'll be retiring at the end of this school year.  One of the teachers is brand new to us this year, and so we welcome Jen Michelson.

In recent years the enrollment has fluctuated between 40-65, and this year is at 51 - so far!  There is always a little settling in that can happen and that enrollment number may yet go up or down by a few children.  Our Preschool offers an introductory class for 2 year olds, more regular classes for 3-5 year olds, plus a Jump Start Kindergarten class that really prepares children for their next step.  Other extras include lunch bunch, stay-and-play, afternoon enrichment, field trips, and then my favorite of all: "Chapel Chat."
I've heard that some of the kids actually call these "Apple Chats," and that is because they aren't quite familiar with what the term 'Chapel' might refer to.  But this is a time for the students to come up and meet the Pastors and staff members.  We sometimes sing a song with them, or read them a story, or give a silly rendition of "Father Abraham," or share a Bible lesson and prayer.  When my turn comes for Chapel Chat, it is usually the highlight of my day, and though only about 20 minutes long, it often tires me out for the rest of the day too!
This ministry has been a blessing to so many children and families, as well as to teachers, directors and church staff members.  It keeps this church hopping Monday through Friday, and is such an important outreach to our community.  So let's all make sure we keep the efforts and good work of our FOC Preschool in prayer. 
Please say out loud the title of this week's pondering, because speaking an alteration is a lot of fun.  And hey - let's see each other in worship this Sunday!  

~ Pastor Josh

(And remember, services are at 8, 9:15 and 10:45.) 

A Few Announcements

GOD'S WORK OUR HANDS -- We invite you to stop by the conference room after your particular worship service this Sunday, Sept. 9, to help roll bandages for Global Health Ministries . Monica & Doug Cox will supervise our efforts, and teach everyone the simple process of rolling bandages which will then be put to use around the world. The ELCA puts out a call for service each September, inviting churches to live out their motto: "God's work, our hands.' We joyfully join with hundreds and thousands of Lutherans in service today!
FoC FALL YOGA starts Sept. 13. Kim Motschenbacher will be teaching from the book Yoga Devotion . Each week we will have scripture, devotion, prayer and a pose for the week. Great time to connect with God and take time for yourself!  This 8 week session will meet 6-7pm every Thursday (except Oct. 18th). If you are interested, please             contact Kim Motschenbacher  or text 952-451-1354. Fee is $96 or $15 for drop ins!
Sunday, September 30, 10:45am
$15 per person/$40 per family
Sign up by Sund
ay, September 16 to receive a t-sh irt with your registration!
*all funds raised will be donated to Lutheran Disaster Response to assist with ongoing hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico - if you are interested, additional donations to this worthy cause are welcomed.

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