January 1, 2021

The Zentangle Method is all about patterns. We call our patterns "tangles."

We teach simple ways to draw and enjoy these patterns, these tangles, by putting pen to paper in fun and easy ways.

There are also patterns all around us. But sometimes they are not as easy to see - perhaps because you don't look for a pattern; perhaps because you don't expect a pattern.

However, not all patterns are on a surface. Some patterns hide in history, some in behavior, some in seasons, some in ideas, some in the sky, and some even in other patterns.

In this puzzle, a pattern is in the pictures.

Bijou and Alfie conspired with Rick to place a pattern in plain sight in the pictures for our recent Twelve Days of Zentangle.

Can you find the pattern?

If you can, please leave your answer as a comment to the companion blog post for this newsletter.

We will leave the blog comments hidden for about a week to give you a chance to comment. Bijou and Alfie tell me there will be two prizes awarded:

  • One, for first one who identifies the pattern (deconstructing it, so to speak), and

  • Two, for the one who most completely describes the elements in the pattern

We don't know what the prize will be . . . that's something Bijou and Alfie are still working on, but it should be pretty awesome because they are quite excited about this game.

Here are all the pictures. Click on any one to see a larger version at its companion blog.

Be sure to post your ideas on this blog.

Have fun with all this!
Welcome to this New Year and all the new possibilities, imaginations, creativity, and potential for Gratitude and Appreciation that you have to offer.


With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Rick, Maria, Martha, Molly, and everyone at Zentangle HQ

© 2021 Zentangle, Inc.