September 10, 2020
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Celestial Greetings!

Autumn is almost upon us and what a season it looks like it will be! Lots of planets are in backward motion, most notably the normal planet of propulsion, Mars. And during its backtrack, Mercury goes in reverse, too. Whatever is on your agenda, give it a wide berth and space to go through revisions.
What are the planets up to?

Mars wants us to slow down.
Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, is the site for a rare and important backtrack of the red planet, which spends three times as long as its usual visit to a sign. This is sure to grind some situations to a halt or at the least, make us slow down and review our purpose and goals before re-grouping. There are apt to be more delays and frustrations than usual so you'll need to tap into your patience.

Named for the God of War, Mars puts us in touch with our most basic primal instincts and needs, our fight for survival. Our self-interest is strongest when Mars moves through Aries. This may drive some people to act in more harsh ways than at other times. The dwarf planet of fierce independence, Eris, is in Aries for over a century, and Mars joins it three times in the second half of 2020. People are up in arms about their rights. Women especially are on the move and want to be a force for change. The year's numerology contains two Two's, the number of female or yin energy. More so than in any prior election, women will lead the way this fall in making the decisions for the direction we will go as a country in the future.

For a more in-depth view of Mars retrograde, see Janet's blog (link below) and an article she co-authored (also, link below).

A look back in history at prior Mars retrogrades in Aries gives us some hints as to what we might expect this time around. Current special planet patterns are discussed, as well.

ALSO, see the article "A Look at Mars Retrograde From Two Angles," co-authored by Vedic Astrologer Usha Kumar and Janet Booth, from the Western astrology point of view, in the Reading Room of the Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc. (look alphabetically under K for Kumar).
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The December episode of LOOKING UP, entitled "2020 Vision," highlights the new year's important planetary activity with a heads up to prepare you and a discussion of which signs will be impacted most and which might have a calmer time. (That said, remember that we all have all the signs in our charts.)

There are many FREE RESOURCES FOR 2020 at, including the whole year's day ratings organized month by month on tables, the Best & Worst Days List, 2020 On a Page and a handout "Highlights of 2020 by Janet Booth." All are PDFs for easy reading or downloading and printing, if you wish. Share this with your friends!

Very soon, Janet's information for 2021 will be posted and available for you to download for free.

GREAT NEWS! The station manager of West Hartford Community Interactive has solved the technical difficulties that prevented online viewing of Looking Up. Several recent episodes are now available.

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Service Special

Despite Covid, life goes on and there are things we can plan and do. Many people are using the pause in the "normal" rythms of their life to resurrect old dreams, much like we would with a long-term retrograde in a progressed chart. Others are seeking new income streams or resolution of a relationship that has come under the magnifying glass with so much time at home. Whatever your situation, a look at your chart and cycles can put things in perspective and offer hope and time frames for taking action.

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I hope the information in this newsletter, my blogs and Looking Up shows will help you handle the current and upcoming planetary influences with greater ease and awareness, and use the celestial tides to your advantage! Yours in the stars, Janet Booth
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