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 Agosto 2016 
Dear Teacher of Spanish:

I am and proud and more than excited to be writing to announce that SPANISH ON LOCATION 
has been acquired by ACIS, a major operator of overseas educational tour programs of impeccable quality, for students and teachers of Spanish.

J. Michael Donovan
We at SPANISH ON LOCATION humbly, but sincerely believe that our company has long provided Spanish teachers with the very best domestic educational tour programs, mainly New York City and Chicago (and now Miami), and based on stories we've been hearing from language teachers for 30 years, we have always thought of ACIS as the foremost operator of premium quality educational tour programs for school groups traveling outside North America.

Clients of SPANISH ON LOCATION will now benefit from ACIS's experienced and knowledgeable staff, and vast operational resources, including 
online registration
, online payments, and one-stop-shopping when traveling to both domestic and international destinations, and ACIS, of course, will now have a menu of domestic Spanish trips to add to its widely admired catalogue of overseas programs.
In short, this is a marriage of two companies that are focused, first and foremost, on significant pedagogical content, and it will be very, very good news for Spanish teachers who have been watching the quality of educational tour programs erode steadily over the years, as two or three of the largest competitors continue to water down their programs in a race to the bottom of the price and quality spectrum.

And, last but not least, lest anyone who has seen small, boutique companies fall apart after being absorbed by large and faceless ones, I can assure our many, many clients that ACIS is anything but impersonal, and that I have been invited to remain at the helm of ACIS's North American tour operations to ensure that the joint, ACIS and SPANISH ON LOCATION mission of quality and service to the Spanish-teaching community continues. 

Our mutual and abiding goal, day in and day out, will be to continue to provide the highest quality language immersion trips anywhere, and to keep them affordable and available to all deserving students.   

For further information about our carefully crafted, pedagogically significant trips, please visit our web site, SpanishOnLocation.com , or better yet, call us toll-free at  855.628.2894 .

We look forward to talking with you.
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J. Michael Donovan 
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