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  A Focal Point 2016 Interview

You won't want to miss this valuable one-day conference.
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Kelly Helein is a business development executive and Frank Adamsky is regulatory affairs manager at Daikin-America. They'll be discussing  fluoropolymers as an
important component of a paper/packaging engineer's toolkit along with discussion of regulatory aspects. You can read a quick preview of planned Focal Point presentations on the conference website.   

A Perfect Marriage: Innovation and Regulation,
Why Progressive Packaging Requires Both
WIST:  The so-called Madrid Statement had a lot to say about fluorochemicals that are used in oil and grease resistant coatings. What aspects of the statement are you planning to address in your presentation?  
Kelly Helein
Kelly Helein and Frank Adamsky:  Daikin will review why C6 technology remains the most effective and safe barrier technology for today's specialty paper requirements. As a member of the Fluorocouncil, Daikin has unique exposure to the key issues that face today's global packaging market. Collaboration with all stakeholders such as regulators, NGOs, and the brands allow us to present the most effective, sustainable technology in fitness for use.

WIST: Oil and grease resistant coatings have transformed the quick serve restaurant and fast casual dining experiences. Where can we expect further innovation in packaging and service ware for these sectors? 
Kelly Helein and Frank Adamsky:  Fiber molded technology once used for packaging of products for shipment has assumed a new role in service ware. What was heavily utilized as a primary food service material in China is now actively assuming shelf space in the US.
The compostable, sustainable footprint coupled with barrier technology allows plastic to be discarded for a fiber solution.

Frank Adamsky
WIST:  We're delighted to have you on board for this sixth conference in
the Focal Point series: what information can attendees expect to takeaway and action when they leave at the day's end? 
Kelly Helein and Frank Adamsky:  Many manufacturers, converters and brand owners expect their suppliers to have a full grasp of the regulatory environment. This is a challenging platform for any product and business. Daikin will present the depth and breadth of our current global regulatory efforts and arm the attendees with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Attend Focal Point 2016 to hear  accomplished industry professionals
  • Highlight the recovery of fiber from coated board and describe 
    food-contact-compliant recycled fiber
  • Present brand-owner perspectives on paper-based food packaging 
    and serviceware items
  • Provide insights from leading converting companies about future needs 
    and trends in paper and paperboard packaging
  • Describe a number of innovations targeting superior performance
  • Share insights on regulatory aspects of food contact papers
  • Update on standards and labeling for compostable paper products

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