Impact makers. That's what we're calling them. You know who they are. The clients who have a dream - a passion to help others in our community. The clients who don't sit around and wait, but the clients who make impact happen. Changing lives for the better.

In the latest episode of Creating Impact Through Giving, we sat down with impact maker Kelly Epperson to discuss how and why establishing a scholarship at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation was the right giving vehicle for her family.
Listen Now: The Pendleton Woods Story
The Oklahoma City Community Foundation not only gave Pendleton Woods a place to support all of his different interests, but also with the expectation that his contributions would last beyond his lifetime. 
Supporting Charitable Organization Endowment Funds
Our 2020 Charitable Organization Endowment Review not only lists more than 360 charitable organization endowment funds that provide financial stability for organizations in the community, but it also shares stories of why and how community members stepped up to support their favorite nonprofits and causes.
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