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Mud Season… Not So Muddy This Year!
April 2021
Hello Everyone!

Spring is here. We’re less than four hours away from New York, Boston and Montreal. And, we’re in the midst of a mass vaccination program that will allow us to begin confidently planning trips and vacations again. It’s exciting!
On our website and in our newsletters, we explore the depth and breadth of endless adventures and experiences here in Vermont—from cheese tours, farm-to-table dining, historic sites on Lake Champlain, to the Historic Saratoga Springs Race Track, and the beauty of quintessential New England towns.

We’re the perfect getaway that leaves you with a new perspective and connects you to experiences you would not encounter anywhere else.

Check out all the new photographs on our home page and elsewhere...

All our best,

Kay & Glenn
Daily Liver Cleanse 
Sacramento Tomato or Vegetable Juice with fresh grated horseradish is great start to the day with exceptional nutritional value and extraordinary taste. But this is a shortcut—click on the photo for the best tomato juice and bloody Mary recipe! 
Vermont's Mud Season?!?!
Several warm days recently have helped usher in mud season-like conditions. One day we have 60° temperatures, the next we wake up with six inches on the ground—perfect conditions for mud season. Here's Ellen Stimson's book, "Mud Season."
Spring Tulips
There’s just something nice having fresh tulips on the dining table. For us, it certainly suggests the approach of spring—more importantly, fresh flowers in the home induces positive emotion in all of us, and just makes us feel good about the day! 
Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...
It Feels Like Spring... Maybe Mud Season?
Some say, “don’t visit Vermont in mud season.” We say, "embrace all the seasons." There’s lots to love about mud season, especially to a Vermonter. It represents the coming of spring. Six months of winter gives way to a much-welcomed spring, via mud season, the six-week period between snowmelt and Memorial Day. Those are my new boots above!
Baseball News... Glens Falls Dragons 2021
The Glens Fall Dragons, of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL), is made up of collegiate baseball players from all over North America—another great way to spend a summer evening at Pond Mountain Inn! We’re finalizing on 4-6 season tickets for us and our guests! First game: June 3. 
Our Stacked Kiln-Dried Woodpile!
There’s nothing more beautiful than a meticulously stacked woodpile. Furthermore, kiln-dried wood has a distinctive aroma and patina that simply enhances its beauty. Beauty aside, kiln-dried wood sits in the kilns for two days at 160°, which removes over a thousand pounds of water from each cord thus increasing the heating value by 25%! The difference in cost is nearly 2.5 times that of seasoned wood, but we really love our kiln-dried wood! This is real excitement for this Vermonter!
Connecting Our Guests to New & Safe Outdoor Experiences… 
Stunning Beauty of Historic Crown Point & The Milky Way
We sort of stumbled upon Crown Point with new friend, new guest, and phenomenal night photographer, Abhijit Patil and his wife Sam. We discovered this historical place on the Vermont New York border as we traversed Lake Champlain. These ruins, so magnificent during the day had to be captured again at night. Abhijit returned to The Fort at 2:30AM to photograph the Milky Way rising behind the fort’s ghostly silhouette. Abhijit and Sam will be back again in the fall, maybe sooner.
Dorset Maple Reserve • 500 Acres • Over 11,000 Trees Tapped
We met Dorset Maple Reserve owners Lauren and Austin Felis a number of years ago, shortly after they started their different kind of maple syrup company. We’ve watched their family grow, and they always make time to get us the Maple syrup we need for us and our guests. I spoke with Austin the other day and he was still boiling—the season was not as good as in previous years with production down 25%, but fared better than others. One thing is certain, their Maple syrup is still incredibly delicious—we’re picking up two cases this weekend. They have an exceptional website—pay particular attention to their Maple Cocktails!   
The Great Salamander Migration...
Much like salmon traveling upstream to reach traditional breeding grounds, these amphibians will move towards shallow, seasonal pools to lay eggs, reproduce, then make their way back into their forest burrows, rarely to be seen again. As the salamanders move from the forest to their vernal pools, one of the first obstacles they might meet is citizens and scientists. Every year, scores of volunteers lineup to protect these creatures, and to assist them crossing the road at night in FebruaryApril, we always keep a special eye out of salamanders crossing the road... We spotted this Spotted Mole Salamander on our property a few years back… 
Don's Hiking Sticks and Staffs... That's Only Part of the Story
Don donated his walking sticks to Pond Mountain Inn, wants to remain anonymous, and wants very much to have his hiking sticks, staffs and canes to be used, and used hard—as they were designed. They’re works of art, and I still find it difficult to use them on our hikes, but will begin using my favorite staff this spring. The price for the walking sticks ranges from $69 – $139 depending on size, shape and design. Don has also given us hand-carved knives… Don’s only wish is for us to donate the money to a Vermont charitable organization of our choosing… we’ll keep you posted on that front. Thank you, Don, for your very generous gift to Vermont!    
Fort Ticonderoga • Mount Defiance • Crown Point • Mount Independence
Life-changing experiences in Vermont are easily found even for the most adventurous globe-trotting traveler. Fort Ticonderoga is 50 minutes from Pond Mountain Inn! 

Experience the blend of history and natural beauty like nowhere else when you visit Fort Ticonderoga! Explore 2000 acres of America’s most historic landscape located on the shores of Lake Champlain and nestled between New York’s Adirondack and Vermont’s Green Mountains. Create lasting memories as you embark on an adventure that spans centuries, defined a continent, and helped forge a nation. 
Shelburne Museum... One of the Top Five Places to Visit in Vermont!
Discover the convenience of the perfect location… combine stunning country drives with incredible destinations not found anywhere else, while unwinding in an idyllic Vermont country paradise.

An unparalleled and unique experience of American history, art and design. Visitors will experience the pleasure of discovery and exploration that includes thirty-nine distinct structures on forty-five acres. “Like nothing you have ever experienced!”  
Occupational Wellness • Optimizing the Work-life Balance
Vermont provides the essential restorative benefits of rest and recovery that help lead to a
harmonizing lifestyle balance that’s intrinsically satisfying… 

The American work ethic prides itself on long hours and little time off; ask any McKinsey or Goldman Sachs partner. Think about what it takes to produce a well-researched highly complex 175 Page Presentation Deck in less than a week; a 60-70-hour work week! Then, continuing to perform at that level for weeks, months, or years. Click on the photo to learn more!

Don’t leave your valuable vacation time on the table at the end of the year.
Mud Season Hike on the Mountain...

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