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Sometimes the best way to describe a concept is to simply draw it out. Video Wizardz helped Jeremiah's Promise create animation to describe our Next Step "GPS" to those who have yet to experience it for themselves. It's now on our home page , or if you're one of those curious fellows, just have a look below.
A Nav System to Arrive at Your Dreams
Our youth have big dreams, a desire for independence and the need for answers to some pretty complicated problems. Our solution? Their own personal GPS. We call it The Next Step. Action-based steps guide teens interactively until they've reached their intended destination, whether that final stop is happier relationships, leadership ability or career development - or all that and more. Real-time support is available when an individualized approach is called for. They also collaborate toward shared goals through the site's social media groups. Meanwhile, metrics track completed steps, measuring actual results vs. stated goals, letting JP know what was accomplished and at what level of engagement, so we can fine tune if needed. It's this precise instruction, action and feedback that has been vital for these emerging adults to fulfill those all-important dreams of theirs. 
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