Service in Sobriety
Getting together to help people in the community is an incredibly rewarding way to give back. This work creates deep bonds, forms lasting friendships, and there are so many ways you can do it right now! This summer, get out there, lend a helping hand, and feel the happiness that comes with being a part of something bigger than yourself.
The Cooking Corner
Every square meal consists of different components. The side dish is an essential part of this whole. This week our Chelsea neighbors, Westville, share their renowned Brussels Sprouts recipe with us, sure to round out any meal.
As the Page Turns
July 19th, Mountainside presents As the Page Turns, discussing Bill Reynolds' book "Fall River Dreams". In both basketball and recovery, individuals join forces to support each other in achieving a common goal. Join us as we discuss what happens when the pieces come together for a town and its team on their quest to see what's possible.
Are you puzzled by what to do in your spare time? Looking for something that is both fun and mentally stimulating? Relax and recharge with an online puzzle! The Sydney Living Museum offers a variety of different puzzle designs and images for you to fit together, and you can even decide on the level of difficulty. Since it's virtual, there's no worry that you lost a piece under the couch!